Interaction about SaaS – Juan Baron, CEO, RELE.AI

SaaS is gaining importance in today’s environment. Juan Baron, CEO, RELE.AI  talked to us about its relevance in this interaction.

How is the Saas technology landscape evolving in 2021?

The SaaS landscape is expected to grow at 14% CAGR until 2025. It is by far one of the largest growing segments in software. Not only is the industry growing at a rapid pace, but also the spend per employee continues to grow as more technology services are provided with a SaaS business model.

What unique features of SaaS are required for South Asia?

Mobile and ease of use are paramount to the success of this technology in South Asia. It is important to keep in mind that market dynamics are very different from the west, so we expect less friction and simpler systems to succeed over traditional highly complex out of the box systems. In many cases in South Asia there’s been a technological skip to mobile and more so towards messaging applications. If the majority of user time is spent in instant messaging applications, it is best suited to bring complex workflows to the chat applications in order to facilitate business processes. The consumerisation of IT technologies is what needs to bring this level of simplicity to the application of Software as a Service to all levels of employees, blue collar to white collar.

How is the reception of SaaS in other regions of the world? 

SaaS worldwide continues to have unprecedented growth. Following are some figures to show this –





What kind of skills are required to implement SaaS in today’s context?

The consumerisation of traditional IT systems continues to be a friction to adoption across the enterprise. As a larger share of the employee workforce gets access to software systems, it is imperative that technology providers emphasise the ease of use as a critical factor to success. In particular throughout the mobile user experience, providers must simplify its complexity in a smaller screen real estate and must push off workflow complexity to automated processes in the cloud.

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