Interaction - Shailesh Kumar, Founder, CABT Logistics 

Interaction - Shailesh Kumar, Founder, CABT Logistics on the evolution of Smart techs in his segment and how it has grown his business

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Shailesh Kumar, Founder, CABT Logistics talks about his work in this interaction.


What are the latest Smart techs being used in your segment?

Shailesh Kumar - In our segment, we use cutting-edge Smart technologies for both E-commerce and Hyperlocal operations. These technologies provide us with end-to-end visibility of shipment movements and enhance the experience for our customers. Some of the latest Smart technologies we employ include route mapping, auto order allocation, and shipment sorting, among other automation tools. 

How has your work evolved in the last 1 year in terms of geographical expanse of clients in metro and non-metro locations, strength of partners if any and large and small enterprises?


Shailesh Kumar - Over the past year, we have experienced significant growth and expansion in our operations. We have extended our network presence from 500 to 800+ cities and increased our coverage from 10,000 to 15,000 pin codes. Additionally, our partner network has grown from 12,000 to 18,000, enabling us to serve a broader range of clients. Moreover, we have expanded our services beyond e-commerce and now cater to sectors such as food, pharmaceuticals, and apparel.

What was the revenue growth % of your organisation in the last 1 year?

Shailesh Kumar - In FY 2022–23, compared to the previous financial year of 2021–2022, our organisation has achieved an impressive revenue growth rate of 150%. We aim to continue this upward trajectory by expanding into multiple business verticals.


What challenges do you face in implementing Smart techs in your segment? How do you resolve these challenges?

Shailesh Kumar - Implementing Smart technologies in our segment does come with challenges. Some of these challenges include the cost of implementation and maintenance, the availability of skilled workers, resistance to change among employees, complex system integration, and managing security risks. To overcome these challenges, we follow a few strategies. We start small by implementing a few pilot projects to showcase the value of Smart technologies. We ensure buy-in from management to secure the necessary resources and support. We provide training to our employees to help them embrace and effectively use the technologies. Additionally, we carefully select technologies that align with our business goals and implement robust security measures to safeguard sensitive data.

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