Interaction - Sudhansu M Nayak, Head Cybersecurity, CMS IT Services

Interaction - Sudhansu M Nayak, Head Cybersecurity, CMS IT Services on cybersecurity business in India in enterprises

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Sudhansu M Nayak

Sudhansu M Nayak, Head Cybersecurity and Cyber Forensics, CMS IT Services talks about cybersecurity business to us.


What are the new developments in cybersecurity services technology?

Sudhansu M Nayak - Zero Trust Network Access solutions to manage cyber-phygital risks, Comprehensive Identity and Access solutions to provide identity threat detection, forensics, and response, and Security at the Edge cybersecurity mesh solutions covering information technology and industrial control systems are the front-runner emerging technologies in Cybersecurity.

In the Counter Ransomware Initiative on a global level, among four verticals of Network resilience, Countering Illicit Finance, Disruption and other Law Enforcement Efforts, and diplomacy, India is chairing the Network resilience. Multiple protection and incident response solutions to counter ransomware attacks are on the rise. Soon, 5G- and IPv6- compliant security solutions integrating into Security at the Edge cybersecurity mesh solutions will start becoming a mainstay.


Quantum cryptography, Quantum-secure communications (especially quantum key distribution (QKD)) and quantum machine-learning may render existing encryption protocols obsolete and artificial intelligence immensely enhanced. These technologies will be the tipping point to usher in multifarious cybersecurity complexities and hence, the transformation of communication security, data privacy, and organisation resiliency.

What is the geographical graph of your clients from the MSMEs and from the non-metro cities?

Sudhansu M Nayak - Over 300 customers vouch for the capabilities of CMS IT Services. Some of these relationships have lasted more than 40 years. As one of India’s top IT services firms, CMS IT Services has a support infrastructure spread across 220 direct support locations, 10 regional centres, 33 branch offices, 25+ spare depots, 18 repair centres, 2 state-of-the-art 250+ seater NOC and SOC (Mumbai & Bangalore), 7000+ support engineers in India. 


What are the challenges in implementing cybersecurity services in 2022-23? How do you resolve them?

Sudhansu M Nayak - India is now the hotbed of unicorns and entrepreneurs. For unicorns and entrepreneurs, protecting individual employee devices with next-generation anti-virus and endpoint detection and response solutions becomes cost-prohibitive. CMS IT have launched Endpoint Security as a Service available as per device per month like a SaaS model. The solution also caters to and scales for large and medium enterprises who want to purchase cutting-edge next generation Anti-virus, Endpoint Control, and Enterprise EDR inclusive of implementation and integration and 24/7 monitoring and incident response.

In the hybrid workspace, at the end-user level, identity is a dyad- comes in a pair and complement each other. Device Identity and User Identity access and authentication is big challenge. Instead of going for a Comprehensive Integrated Identity and Access, many enterprises go for either one or none. CMS IT provide comprehensive integrated Identity and access with Zero Trust Network Access Solution at the network layer and Identity Lifecycle Management and Governance at application layer. They are complete with Data plane and Control Plane segregation, Network Micro-segmentation, Software Defined Perimeter, Blockchain-based tamperproof logs, 4096-bit RSA encryption, Enterprise Identity Governance, Identity Administration, Cloud Privilege Access Management and Governance, Role Engineering. Bundled into the solution is CMS IT’s VOILA framework- Visibility, Observability, Incident Response, Low-code integration, and Automation & Analytics.


CMS IT also provide enterprise-grade solutions to provide phenomenal 24x7 Always-ON visibility, threat-intelligent multi-signal behavioural actionable observability, and outcomes-based collaborative transformation across Cloud and on-premises workloads and data oceans of your business.

How do you plan to expand geographically in the next 2-3 years?

Sudhansu M Nayak - CMS IT plan to expand deep into Asia Pacific, Middle east, and Africa in the next 2-3 years.


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