Interaction - Tejus Khanna, CTO, ITPRO

Interaction - Tejus Khanna, CTO, ITPRO on his software solutions company in India and abroad for small and large customers

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Tejus Khanna

Tejus Khanna, CTO, ITPRO is involved in running a software solutions company. Here he talks about his work.


Tell us about your work in software and how this work is evolving 

Tejus Khanna - We run a complete software solution company. I started from initially with website development and websites we used to develop static websites. Later on, we started developing dynamic websites and did SEO which gave good results and then we made customised software for our customers. now they get what they need. According to their choice, we develop everything including mobile apps for both Android and IOS, online software like POS, accounting packages, ERP, CRM, management systems of different industries and websites like E-commerce, information, portfolio, blogging and many more. 

What's the geographical expanse of your customers across India in metro and non-metro regions?


Tejus Khanna - The geographical area that we cover in India is across almost all over India, but the major part we have customers are in Punjab, Delhi, Maharashtra and Himachal Pradesh regions and other than that, we have major customers in the USA, Canada and UK. 

How interested are the small businesses in adopting this software?

Tejus Khanna - We provide solutions to all businesses, whether small or large, but a major service that small businesses are getting from us frequently is digital marketing of their business which includes social media marketing, SEO, ads designing and lead generations. Small businesses are more interested in these services, because they are more into their business expansion which shows them results. 


What has been your revenue growth % in the last 1 year?

Tejus Khanna - From Last 1 year, my team expanded from 8 to 14 people now and our revenue increased by almost 85% with that.

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