Interaction - Vishal Jain, Joint MD, Inspira Enterprise

Interaction - Vishal Jain, Joint MD, Inspira Enterprise on the cybersecurity work of his organisation for large and small enterprises

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Vishal Jain

Vishal Jain, Joint MD, Inspira Enterprise talks about the cybersecurity work of this organisation.


What as-a-service security offerings are in maximum demand in current times by the large and small enterprises? 

Vishal Jain - Given the rapid digitisation and the associated security challenges, the need for cybersecurity has accelerated significantly over the past few years. Even the smallest of businesses have undertaken digitisation. However, the velocity of cyber incidents and the skills required to tackle them are disproportionately aligned. Added to this, small and medium businesses do not have the deep pockets that large enterprises must protect themselves adequately. Hence as-a-service security offerings become the antidote and are very much the need of the hour. The commonly sought solutions are around intrusion management, data, cloud, identity and access, vulnerability and security and management. Inspira offers iSMART2 solutions, a range of packaged solutions for cloud, vulnerability, IAM and CyberRisk management. These solutions are in partnership with leading technology vendors and focus on driving ROI, efficiency, and resilience for businesses of all sizes. 

How has your company grown geographically in the last 1 year? What has been your revenue growth % in the last 1 year?

Vishal Jain - Since we are at the end of our financial year, we won’t be able to talk about revenue. However, from inception, Inspira has aligned its growth objectives to the needs of the market. Over the last few years, the dearth of skilled and trained professionals in cybersecurity convinced us to build security services as a business not just in India, but also in the US, Middle East, Asia Pacific, and Africa.


In addition to the geographical expansion, we have also focused on building domain skills for healthcare and life sciences, media and communications and ed-tech industries. Inspira has made significant investments in building Cyber Fusion Centres, which showcase our offerings, solutions co-developed with our partners and academic engagements. It allows the clients to experience the solutions hands-on through use cases and live demos in UAE, Dallas, TX and Manila, Philippines. 

All these investments will help us achieve and exceed our growth and expansion plans sustainably.

Can the security services ever outsmart the ever-growing cyber threats which always take new innovative forms?


Vishal Jain - The current situation is very similar to a game of chess; where the opponents’ move is not known but needs to be anticipated and a response needs to be prepared. Similarly, organisations today need to be always prepared to address the constant attacks that they are subjected to. As a part of our integrated cyber threat management - ICTM practice, we provide 24x7x365 monitoring to proactively detect threats, analyse them and respond to them in a timely manner. This entire process is automated and provides the best line of defence to unknown attacks. With the threat hunting capability, we sometimes can detect the threat before the attack and remediate it. Similarly, with vulnerability management, we can proactively identify the weak spots in the organisation that could be the entry points for the attackers and take preventive measures.

I would say that strong monitoring, detection, identification and remediation are the proven methods to stay a step ahead of the cyber attackers.

How cost intensive are the security as-a-service solutions for small enterprises?


Vishal Jain - To begin with, let's rephrase the statement from cost-intensive to cost-effective. Security as-a-service solutions are economical as it is an operational expense. Organisations don’t need to invest in platforms and large teams of skilled resources to manage their IT environments. They are also spared from making investments to buy licenses for several softwares and applications and upgrade them on a periodic basis.

Inspira, as a cybersecurity services provider, provides the best-in-class services to manage your cybersecurity needs with the latest offerings from security vendors across the globe. We invest and train our resources with the top-of-line skills and keep them absolutely current and updated. With our recently launched services-in-a-box packaged offerings, small businesses have the flexibility of contracting resources and skills as per their needs versus making big investments or outlays towards security. Our customers thereby receive a blend of powerful technology, knowledgeable personnel and clearly defined, validated process workflows. 

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