Interaction with Ajaya Kumar, Managing Director, Park Network Pvt. Ltd.

An exclusive interview with Ajaya Kumar, Founder, and Managing Director of Park Network Pvt. Ltd. He discussed the company's future concerns.

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Interaction with Ajaya Kumar Managing Director Park Network Pvt. Ltd. 1

An exclusive interview with Ajaya Kumar, Founder, and Managing Director of Park Network Pvt. Ltd. Here, he discussed the company's performance and expectations for the coming year.


1.  How was the last year for your business as a channel partner perspective?

Last Year we did a turnover of 150 crores. It was a fruitful year for Park Network. We received several rewards and recognitions. Vendors like Canon and Samsung awarded us for our contribution as channel partners. Overall, 2022-23 reaped good results for our company as compared to 2021-22.

2. What are the different expectations does a partner has from a CIO?


It is the business always. Channel partners may expect the CIO to be accessible when needed, especially during critical situations or when dealing with customer-specific challenges. CIO can provide competitive offers which help us to grow our business. Subsequently, They can help with productive interactions between the channel partner and vendors.

3. How can a partner help CIOs in building the technology?

We are not a solution provider or cloud computing company. That’s why we can't help them with any updation related to the latest technology or software. But yes we help CIO with our product-based expertise. We help them on finalizing the latest IT products. With the help of channel partners, CIO can receive customer feedback for the products. A collaborative partnership between the CIO and the channel partner can lead to better outcomes for the organization.


4. What is the potential for the year 2023-24 for the business as a channel partner?

After the corona period. The business has seen significant growth. But slowly it has boiled down. It is growing but at a very slower pace. This is a concern for us. However, We will ensure to prioritize customer needs and strengthen our relationship with the vendors. We hope for sustained growth in 2023-24 and to achieve better results from the last year. 

5. What are the challenges a channel partner faces?

In our sector, we face stiff online competition. Let’s say the overall growth of the sector is X then our growth as a channel partner is only X/3. Online platforms often offer direct access to products and services, making it harder for channel partners to attract customers and differentiate themselves. To sum up, The online market is price-sensitive, leading to margin erosion for us as channel partners.

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