Interaction with PK Sharma, Founder and Director, Comnet Vision

An interview with PK Sharma, Founder, and Director of Comnet Vision (India) Pvt. Ltd. Here, he discussed the strategies for the coming year.

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Interaction with PK Sharma Founder and Director Comnet Vision

An exclusive interview with PK Sharma, Founder, and Director of Comnet Vision (India) Pvt. Ltd. Here, he discussed the company’s performance and expectations for the coming year.


1. How was the last year for your business as a channel partner perspective?

On comparing a year-on-year basis our revenue grew from 100 cr to 150 cr. We have accrued a good profit. Last year was good in terms of channel movement and in terms of end customers. 

2. What are the different expectations does a partner has from a CIO?


We definitely require the input of a CIO on the current market trends and how in the near future things are shaping up. So that as a channel partner, we can prepare ourselves for not only today but also for the future ahead. We expect open and transparent communication with the CIO. For instance, This includes sharing information about the organization's IT strategy, projects, and potential opportunities for collaboration. Likewise, CIOs regularly assess the effectiveness of implemented technology solutions and seek feedback from stakeholders

3. How can a partner help CIOs in building the technology?

Both CIO and a Channel partner complement each other. CIOs seeking to establish long-term partnerships with reliable channel partners can rely on us. We can consistently meet their technology needs and provide ongoing support. We have a customer-centric approach. Comnet tries to address the specific challenges and requirements of the customers. Furthermore, We follow the roadmap which leads to building efficient technology. 


4.  What is the potential for the year 2023-24 for the business as a channel partner?

Looking at the international sentiment of the whole information technology sector. We are observing a slump. The overall software industry has witnessed a decline in the number of fresh contracts. Consequently, we are witnessing a slight decline in the year 2023-24. However, in the second quarter of 2024 and the year ahead, we will hopefully see a recovery and earn better results. 

5. What are the challenges a channel partner faces?

There are market fluctuations that hamper the business. Stiff competition prevails in the channel partner ecosystem. Subsequently, Standing out and differentiating from competitors can be challenging. We have to keep ourselves updated with the rapidly evolving technology. The emerging e-commerce sector is also a matter of concern for us.

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