Interaction – Yogesh Agrawal, CEO-CoFounder, Consistent Infosystems

Yogesh Agrawal, CEO and Co-Founder, Consistent Infosystems is engaged in supplying IT hardware, printing and security products across India. Here he talks about his work.

What is your market share? What was your revenue growth % in last 1 year? Do you export abroad? If yes, to which countries?

Yogesh – Consistent Infosystems is Number 1 in the SSD category and our market share in other products like cartridges, motherboards and monitors is growing significantly. Our revenue last year grew by 100% and this financial year, we are experiencing 100% growth till now. We were able to achieve our last year turnover target in just 6 months.

Yes, we export our products aboard; we have been exporting to Nepal for the past two years. And now we have also started exporting to other countries such as Dubai, Hong Kong, Romania, Indonesia and the United Kingdom.

Do you manufacture your hardware in India or do you assemble imported components? What % of your components are imported and what % of components are manufactured in India?

Yogesh – Manufacturing computer components in India is difficult, but we do assembling and packaging in India. 35 to 40 percent of our products are assembled in India including components like SSD, Pen Drives, TV, CCTV products like POE Switches, Cables and Cameras all are assembled in India

What strategies do you use to send your products to the end customers – through reseller channels, online platforms, omnichannel techs and direct contacts?

Yogesh – We have a strong channel presence an efficient sales team across India. At Consistent we believe in building a ‘Partner-Centric Culture’ and push our products through our channel partners across PAN India including all the major cities where there is growth potential.

Currently, we are not selling our products online directly, however our channel partners do sell our products online at their end.

What challenges do you face from your competition? How do you resolve these challenges?

Yogesh – There are many small brands coming up and expanding their footprints in India every year. To counter this, we are expanding and investing in our sales team to grow and cover wider areas. We have increased our stocking points to deliver stocks to our channel partners and market in a shorter period, which will benefit us in sales margin. And to meet these challenges and deliver better than the regional brands who don’t have service structure or are present in limited areas, we are increasing our service points and improving after-sales service.

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