Interaction - Aashu Mahajan, VP, Engineering, Gathr Data

Aashu Mahajan Vice President Engineering Gathr Data talks about data analytics and its impact on business growth of companies that can scale using this tech

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Ashu Mahajan

Aashu Mahajan Vice President Engineering Gathr Data

Ashu Mahajan, Vice President, Engineering, Gathr Data talks about data analytics and its impact on business growth.

How does Gathr’s  Gen AI fabric lead to positive outcome for business growth if integrated with data analytics? 

Traditionally, data analytics space has been populated by a wide range of tools offering ingestion, transformation, data replication, data quality management, data discovery, visualization, and reporting capabilities. In addition to statistical analysis skills, these tools demand mastery over proprietary languages. Such tools often create multiple barriers to entry with steep learning curves and restrict cross functional collaboration. Moreover, CXOs have to wait, often indefinitely, for someone to pull in the right data, transform it, and generate reports to draw actionable insights. Gen AI brings in the opportunity to break this status quo. It enables users - irrespective of their skills, to collaborate seamlessly, and complete data to outcome journeys, faster than ever. By integrating Gen AI with data analytics, Gen AI fabric enables users with better metadata management, which improves data discoverability. Users can also search and query data using natural language. Moreover, we are continuously building on these capabilities. We believe that Gen AI fabric will significantly enhance operational and strategic decision-making for enterprise teams, with the potential for dramatic improvements in business growth. 

How much has your business grown in terms of % in the last 1 year? 

it has grown >300%. Most customers have adopted the SaaS and marketplace offerings given their journey to the cloud. The SaaS and marketplace offerings are also extremely feature rich and Gen AI powered. 

What is the strength and expanse of your clientele in metro and non-metro cities? 

80%+ of our customers are in metro cities around the world. These cities typically are tech hubs and so most of the customer personas we work with are located there. In India specifically our customers are spread across Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad and Pune. 

Do you provide services to clients abroad? In what locations? 

Gathr Data Inc is a US headquartered company with a strong presence in India. From our dual locations we serve customers across US, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific regions. Our customers are located in California, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Dallas, Atlanta, North Carolina, London, Amsterdam, Romania, Israel, UAE, Singapore, multiple cities in India to name a few.

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