Accessibility of Products as Key to Growth

Atul Mehta, Senior Director and GM, Indian Consumer Channel, Dell Technologies on the partner Strategy and product accessibility of his organisation

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Atul Mehta

Atul Mehta, Senior Director and GM, Indian Consumer Channel, Dell Technologies

How will AI improve the overall customer experience with these newly launched products?


Each product is tailored to enhance performance in its own unique way. For instance, the Alienware line up focuses on enhancing the performance and the overall experience for gamers. Similarly, being a mobile device, a prominent feature on the Inspiron is its webcam, specifically with its AI capabilities on the Inspiron 14 Plus. Its AI-enabled auto-framing feature dynamically adjusts to keep you centred regardless of your movement while the eye contact feature ensures engagement even when you glance away. In this manner, AI will enhance the user experiences across various use cases.

What will be the overall channel partner strategy?

The channel strategy is vital, playing a significant role in the success of any company. However, I believe the most critical aspect is ensuring accessibility of products to consumers. Given today’s diverse consumer base, a dual strategy combining online and offline channels is imperative. Consumers typically engage digitally first to explore and understand products, making an online presence crucial. We facilitate this primarily through our own website and major E-commerce platforms.


Equally vital here is our offline strategy with exclusive business outlets playing a crucial role. We currently operate over 600 stores across 400 cities in India, spanning tier 1, 2 and 3 locations. Furthermore, our products are stocked in approximately 5,000 multi-brand outlets nationwide. We collaborate with major retail players, in addition to 15 tier-one partners who are pivotal to our distribution network. These partners play a key role in redistributing our products across the country. Such a vast network assists the overall ecosystem as well as enhances customer experiences by a notch.

Is the most recent technology advancement poised for delivery to the industry?

As an organisation, we heavily invest in developing our partners and teams. We have over 1,300 promoters who are our master sales promoters and the final touchpoint with consumers. We prioritise their training extensively, focusing on enhancing their soft skills and providing calendarised training programmes managed by dedicated teams across the country. Our approach revolves around consultative selling, emphasising the value we bring to consumers and how our products can enhance their productivity. We believe in showcasing not just the hardware, but the entire ecosystem that boosts efficiency. Our discussions revolve around the benefits and margins for our channel partners. This approach ensures a collaborative and mutually beneficial partnership.


Is there any particular kind of scheme for partners?

Partners are the most important stakeholders in our retail strategy. Over the past few years, we have collected feedback from all our partners to serve them better. This includes collecting consumer feedback and integrating processes that make it easier for them to sell Dell devices. Likewise, we have various other initiatives that address different needs and opportunities at all times.

Are there specific marketing strategies being implemented to promote these four products in the market?


First, as a brand, we place a high value on providing our customers with the best in-class experience possible. Hence, we prioritise creating a seamless customer journey across all touchpoints. This includes leveraging digital platforms to reach a wider audience and enhance engagement. We also collaborate with influencers and run targeted campaigns, like our recent ‘Back to School and College’ initiative. These efforts not only build credibility but also drive awareness among our audience, showcasing the value and relevance of our products in their lives. Overall, our efforts are focused on delivering value and fostering long-term relationships with customers.

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