Association with SI focusing on AV, Dr. Ramya Chatterjee, SOLITAIRE

In an exclusive interaction with DQ Channels, Dr. Ramya Chatterjee, Chief of SOLITAIRE shared insights on product offerings and collaboration with system integrators and more.

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Association with SI focusing on AV Dr Ramya Chatterjee Solitaire

Ramya Chatterjee, Chief of SOLITAIRE

Provide an overview of Solitaire's journey in reshaping information sharing and absorption. What are the brand's future plans in this domain?


Solitaire, owned by Supertron Electronics, embarked on a mission to reshape the landscape of information sharing and absorption through interactive flat panel displays (IFPDs) and unified communications (UC) products. With our products, we aim to transform classrooms into dynamic, interactive learning environments and enhance meeting room productivity. Solitaire steadily expanded its reach across India, leveraging Supertron's extensive infrastructure, team Solitaire’s GTM approach & partner centralism, product quality, commercial competitiveness & after-sales support.

Brand Solitaire aims to establish itself in the Interactive Flat Panel Display (IFPD) space in India. Our Interactive Flat Panels (IFPDs) elevate collaboration and engagement, offering cutting-edge technology. Manufactured in Noida, India, Solitaire emphasizes customer service as well as the after-sale service; making sure that none of our customers are left unsatisfied.

Moving forward, we have a positive outlook to expand our product portfolio and related products and then introduce other products like Tiled LED displays, large format displays, Digital Signage panels, Video Wall, Tablets, and Collaboration software to give our customers a complete solution. We are also exploring international markets in new geographic locations such as the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Innovation being the center, Solitaire is developing solutions that incorporate the latest trends like AI, machine learning, AR, and IoT to deliver immersive, intelligent solutions.


Fostering strategic partnerships with educational institutions, software developers, content providers, and industry associations will fuel our innovative approach. Solitaire focuses on customer satisfaction and the application of robust technology as a means to extend horizons for knowledge sharing and collaboration on an international scale.

Elaborate on the features of Solitaire's interactive flat panel displays (IFPDs) and unified communication (UC) products. How do these features cater to the needs of modern classrooms and meeting spaces?

The features of Solitaire’s Interactive Flat Panel Displays (IFPDs) and their Unified Communication (UC) products, highlight how they address the requirements of modern classrooms and meeting spaces:


High-Resolution Displays: Solitaire IFPDs have 4K UHD resolution, providing crisp and clear visuals. In classrooms, this will help students view intricate details in educational content, enhancing learning experiences. During meetings, high-resolution displays facilitate effective presentations and collaboration.

Multi-Touch Features: The multi-touch feature allows multiple users to interact simultaneously. In classrooms, this enables collaborative learning, group activities, etc. For meetings, it encourages active participation during brainstorming sessions or interactive presentations.

Interactive Whiteboard Functionality: Solitaire IFPDs serve as digital whiteboards, allowing teachers and presenters to write, draw, and annotate directly on the screen. This feature enhances classroom engagement and facilitates dynamic discussions in meetings.


Wireless Screen Sharing: With wireless connectivity, users can share their screens from laptops, tablets, or smartphones. In classrooms, teachers can display student work or demonstrate apps seamlessly. In meetings, participants can share content without cumbersome cables.

Furthermore, Solitaire UC products integrate audio and video conferencing, enabling virtual guest lectures and clear communication with remote team members. Their IFPDs come with pre-installed collaboration software for interactive lessons and collaborative meetings. Some models offer gesture control and voice recognition for intuitive navigation. Solitaire prioritizes data security with features like secure boot and encrypted communication. Energy-saving designs reduce power consumption in classrooms and meeting rooms, aligning with sustainability goals. Customizable interfaces allow users to personalize their experience. Overall, Solitaire’s IFPDs and UC products enhance productivity and engagement in both educational and corporate settings.

Solitaire has built a network of partners, including system integrators, etc. How do these collaborations improve solutions provided to your customers?


Through associations with diverse system integrators focusing on AV solutions, Solitaire’s IFPD technology can easily be implemented in various existing systems. Such collaborations involve the coordination of system integrators to prescribe in-depth AV solutions, that fit classrooms, boardrooms, and training establishments through boosting collaboration, interaction, and effectiveness.

Solitaire IFPDs are compatible with different applications allowing users to work with various tools and access numerous resources; it enhances students’ engagement and improves the collaborative learning process. These collaborations allow Solitaire to offer comprehensive, innovative solutions addressing diverse customer needs. Solitaire has strategically partnered with system integrators and other stakeholders. 

These collaborations enhance Solitaire’s ability to deliver tailored solutions to customers. By leveraging local expertise, customization capabilities, and extended reach, Solitaire ensures seamless integration of their IFPDs and Unified Communication (UC) products into modern classrooms and meeting spaces. These partnerships empower Solitaire to address specific needs, provide end-to-end support, and continually refine their offerings based on real-world feedback.


With a pan India presence and expanding employee network, how does Solitaire ensure effective distribution and support across such a vast network?

Solitaire is a part of Supertron Electronics with its intensive network spanning over 34 branch offices, 17 satellite offices, and 60 warehouses throughout 28 states across the country. Solitaire has a vast network that comprises 150 branches across the country and an employee strength of 650+ trained professionals, and support staff. The company's PAN India resources ensure efficient distribution channels and timely after-sales support. Solitaire's commitment to after-sales service and solid infrastructure safeguards customer/partner investments. By leveraging this vast network and experienced personnel, Solitaire delivers reliable products and services to its customers nationwide, solidifying its position as a trusted technology partner.

What key factors have contributed to Solitaire's sustained growth and success in the IT, AV, OA, and Networking products sectors?


Due to Customer-commitment Solitaire has consistently produced products and services backed up by solid after-sales support, which has strengthened customer confidence. Our Go-To-Market strategy is the company’s direct approach of using several hundred partners across India to deploy its technology solutions . 

Further, these partners enable us to cater to diverse sectors, including Education, Government, Defence, and SMEs, through tailored solutions that have expanded our market reach. Rigorous quality control measures, stringent certifications, and regulatory compliance further reinforce Solitaire's reputation for reliability and excellence. These factors, combined with an impressive sales turnover, have driven Solitaire's sustained success in these dynamic sectors, establishing it as a trusted industry leader.

How does Solitaire approach developing customized solutions for different sectors? Can you share examples of how your products have been tailored to meet the unique needs of business environments?

Solitaire approach includes understanding specific industry needs and tailoring products accordingly. For instance, in education, Solitaire provides interactive flat panels that enhance in-classroom and remote learning experiences, integrating features like educational software and content tailored to modern digital classrooms. In business, its products focus on improving meeting room productivity with advanced collaboration tools and unified communication capabilities.

This customization ensures that each solution meets the unique demands of the respective business environment, fostering improved outcomes and customer satisfaction. Solitaire, with its reputation in Interactive Flat Panels (IFPDs) and Unified Communication (UC) products, takes a strategic approach to customizing solutions for diverse sectors. Let’s delve into the details:

Understanding Specific Industry Needs: 

  • Solitaire begins by deeply understanding the unique requirements of various sectors. This involves extensive research and engagement with industry stakeholders.
  • By comprehending the pain points, challenges, and objectives specific to each sector, Solitaire gains insights that drive its customization efforts.

Tailoring Products Accordingly: Our expertise lies in interactive technologies and UC. They leverage this knowledge to create tailored solutions

Education Sector:

  • In classrooms, Solitaire’s interactive flat panels help both in-person and remote learning experiences.
  • Features include educational software, content libraries, and tools designed for modern digital classrooms.
  • Teachers can engage students effectively, annotate content, and foster collaborative learning.

Business Sector:

  • Our products focus on improving meeting room productivity.
  • Advanced collaboration tools and UC capabilities streamline communication.
  • Features like video conferencing, screen sharing, and document collaboration are provided.


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