Digital Marketing Resources for our Partners - Avanti Misra, Genesys

In an exclusive interaction with DQ Channels Avanti Misra, Director Partner Sales, Genesys India, shared insights on their partner program, initiative for digital presence, and more.

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Digital Marketing Resources for Partners Avanti Misra, Genesys

Avanti Misra, Director Partner Sales, Genesys India

How does the Partner Program at Genesys contribute to the overall business growth and success of the company?


Partners are pivotal to our business and go-to-market strategy and play a multifaceted role in the sale of Genesys Cloud CX solutions to help businesses orchestrate customer experiences. They act as an extension of Genesys while bringing together their unique strengths and capabilities, essential for reaching a diverse range of clients, delivering tailored solutions, and driving long-term customer success.

Our partner strategy is based on the Ascend Partner Program which promotes and supports partners in delivering value and profitability. This program is designed to engage and empower Genesys partners, including resellers, system integrators, consultants, and technology providers, to deliver value-added services and solutions to customers in their experience orchestration journeys.

Partners are awarded a level of membership based on their Genesys capabilities demonstrated and key performance indicators (KPIs) across all phases of the SaaS lifecycle. The level of membership determines the partner benefits and eligibility for additional financial incentives.


Can you provide insights into how the channel and partner network in the region have evolved over the years, and what future trends do you foresee in this space?

As Genesys evolved its portfolio from a premise solution to 100% Cloud and SaaS play today, the entire partner ecosystem too evolved with this journey and created new opportunities for partners to thrive as more and more businesses are embarking on cloud platforms.

The key changes/trends that have evolved as a result are:

  • Shift from product to service orientation: From a pure product play, the emphasis has shifted towards providing services such as consulting, implementation, integration, and ongoing support.
  • Expanded partner ecosystem: From legacy, subject matter niche CX Partners, today India has a diverse set of partnerships including Telcom Service Provider, Global System Integrators, Technology Partners, Co-sell Partners, and Referral Partners in addition to the legacy.
  • New Consumption Models: Partners are sweetening the offer by bundling their services, telecom components, support, etc. They are offering monthly, per minute, and other attractive consumption models for organizations to adopt and evolve.
  • Emphasis on customer success: Partners are focussing on delivering ongoing value to customers beyond the initial sale, ensuring that they derive maximum benefit from the cloud solution over time.

Overall, the evolution of the partner landscape from on-premise to cloud-based solutions has necessitated a shift in focus, business models, and expertise for partners.

The future of this journey will probably be characterized by a combination of technological innovation, industry specialization, and a consultative approach focused on delivering tangible business outcomes for organizations striving to differentiate themselves through superior customer experiences.


What strategies has Genesys implemented to create an equitable and transparent engagement model that fosters a thriving and interconnected partner ecosystem?

Equitable and transparent engagement models are essential for building trust, fostering collaboration, and ensuring fairness in business relationships. For an organization like Genesys, this has far far-reaching impact, hence we are very sensitive toward protecting our partners' interests and driving positive business growth.

Genesys strictly adheres to its global Rules of Engagement (ROE) which have been established to embrace predictability and active collaboration between partners and Genesys. This also ensures that we collectively put our customers first, recognizing the customer has the final voice from whom they purchase their Genesys solution. This helps to clearly define the guiding principles for opportunity registration and other key scenarios, for both partners and Genesys internal teams which are governed jointly by the GTM Sales and Partner Sales Leaders.


What initiatives is Genesys taking to enhance partners' digital presence and support collaborative go-to-market strategies?

Genesys is committed to empowering partners with the digital tools, resources, and support they need to enhance their digital presence, strengthen collaborative go-to-market (GTM) strategies, and drive mutual growth and success in the CX market. Some of these initiatives include:

  • Partner Enablement Portal: Genesys offers a partner enablement portal that provides partners with access to resources, including sales and marketing collateral, training materials, product documentation, and technical support. This portal serves as a central hub for partners to enhance their knowledge, skills, and digital presence.
  • Digital Marketing Resources: Genesys provides partners with digital marketing resources and tools to help them strengthen their online presence and reach their target audience more effectively. This may include co-branded marketing campaigns, social media content, email templates, webinars, and other digital assets.
  • Collaborative Marketing Campaigns: Genesys collaborates with partners on joint marketing campaigns and initiatives to drive awareness, generate leads, and promote their combined offerings. These campaigns may include co-branded content, webinars, events, and targeted advertising to reach potential customers across various channels.
  • Partner Co-selling Programs: Genesys offers partner co-selling programs that incentivize and reward partners for collaborating on sales opportunities and driving revenue growth. These programs may include deal registration incentives, joint sales calls, compete displacement incentives, and many other offers to drive mutual success.
  • Market Development Funds (MDF): Genesys provides market development funds (MDF) to partners to support their marketing and lead generation activities. Partners can use these funds to invest in digital marketing campaigns, events, sponsorships, and other initiatives to expand their reach and drive demand for Genesys solutions.

How does Genesys ensure partner profitability while maintaining a focus on customer success, and what measures are in place to support partners in building long-term, and profitable businesses?

Genesys is committed to supporting partners in building long-term, profitable businesses by providing comprehensive enablement, sales and marketing support, margin protection, customer success programs, and other resources and incentives to drive mutual success in the CX market.

In addition to that, Genesys has invested in dedicated partner teams who help onboard partners, plan their GTM strategies, guide and review the business progression, and govern the Rules of Engagement to ensure partner success. This is further complimented by the Ascend Partner Program which incentivizes partners with commercial benefits as they evolve their SaaS & Cloud GTM, making it a more profitable and sustainable market motion.



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