Expansion efforts extend beyond India - Sanjay Sehgal, MSys Technologies

In an exclusive interaction with DQ Channels, Sanjay Sehgal, Founder and CEO of MSys Technologies talked about their expansion plans in Singapore, the APAC region, and Europe.

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Expansion efforts extend beyond India - Sanjay Sehgal, MSys Tech

Sanjay Sehgal, Founder and CEO of MSys Technologies

Can you elaborate on the strategic significance of establishing a new office in Singapore for MSys Technologies and its plans for regional expansion?


Establishing a new office in Singapore marks a strategic move for MSys Technologies as part of its broader regional expansion plans. While already operating in Malaysia and Vietnam with a development office in the latter, MSys identified Singapore as a pivotal location to enhance its international footprint.

Singapore's status as a financial services hub and a regional center for the oil and gas industry underscores its significance. Moreover, the burgeoning demand for sustainable water solutions in the region aligns with MSys's expertise in providing software solutions and services to industries like construction and sustainable climate action.

Although not directly involved in sustainable water solutions, MSys recognizes the opportunity to collaborate with construction firms and other stakeholders in Singapore to bolster their technological infrastructure. This strategic positioning allows MSys to tap into Singapore's vibrant business landscape while leveraging its existing strengths in software solutions.


Furthermore, the relocation of some sales personnel from Malaysia to Singapore highlights MSys's commitment to establishing a strong presence in the region. By strategically positioning itself in Singapore, MSys aims to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the construction, financial services, and sustainable technology sectors, driving its international growth trajectory forward.

How does MSys Technologies plan to leverage its new office in Singapore to enhance client-centricity and localization efforts in the APAC region?

MSys Technologies aims to leverage its new office in Singapore to work on client-centricity and localization efforts across the APAC region. Singapore's stable political environment, robust legal system, and open economy position it as an ideal hub for expanding MSys's regional operations.


By establishing a presence in Singapore, MSys can tap into the extensive network of legal firms already present in the city-state, thereby streamlining the navigation of diverse legal frameworks across the APAC region. This strategic move simplifies engagement with clients and facilitates smoother collaboration on projects, eliminating the need to navigate various legal systems independently.

Furthermore, Singapore's exceptional connectivity, highlighted by its world-class Changi Airport, enhances MSys's accessibility to clients and markets across Asia and beyond. The transition from operating near the world's largest airport in Atlanta to being situated near the soon-to-be largest airport in Singapore underscores MSys's commitment to maintaining a global reach and facilitating seamless interactions with clients and partners.

Could you discuss the partnerships MSys Technologies has formed in Malaysia and Vietnam and how they contribute to the company's regional network and capabilities?


MSys Technologies has cultivated strategic partnerships in Malaysia and Vietnam, which significantly contribute to the company's regional network and capabilities. While confidentiality limits the disclosure of specific client names, the collaborations span various industries and regions within Asia.

In Malaysia, MSys has established a strong client base, with notable partnerships extending to Korea as well. Additionally, in Vietnam, where MSys operates a development office, collaborations with prominent companies like Amazon have been forged. Such partnerships underscore MSys's commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions and services across diverse markets.

In Thailand, MSys counts among its major customers, further expanding its regional footprint. Similarly, engagements with clients in the Philippines and Japan reflect the company's growing presence and ongoing partnership discussions in key Asian markets.


For instance, in Singapore, MSys is in talks with a large electric equipment manufacturer to provide product engineering services from India. This collaboration entails the development of software products tailored to the client's needs. Similarly, in Japan, discussions with a leading mobile services company revolve around cloud solutions development.

Moreover, MSys is exploring opportunities with emerging companies in various regions, such as developing artificial intelligence-based chatbots.

Aiming to increase the business, what specific strategies does MSys Technologies have in place for strengthening client relationships and broadening its industry focus, particularly in sectors like Fintech and e-commerce?


MSys Technologies has devised specific strategies aimed at strengthening client relationships and expanding its industry focus, particularly in sectors like Fintech and e-commerce.

Initially, MSys focused on augmenting its development teams and business units in key locations across India, including Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, and soon-to-be Hyderabad. This strategic move, implemented last year, aimed to enhance the company's delivery capabilities, ensuring high-quality solutions and timely project delivery to clients.

Building upon this foundation, MSys plans to bolster its sales presence this year. The company's expansion efforts extend beyond India, with the establishment of offices in strategic locations like Australia and Singapore. These new offices not only enhance MSys's regional presence but also provide a platform for serving clients across the entire APAC region.


In addition to geographical expansion, MSys is actively focusing on broadening its industry focus, with a particular emphasis on sectors like Fintech and e-commerce. By leveraging its strengthened delivery capabilities and expanded sales presence, MSys aims to forge deeper partnerships within these industries, offering tailored solutions that address their specific needs and challenges.

In terms of community involvement and talent acquisition, how does MSys Technologies plan to cultivate a dynamic ecosystem in Singapore, and what impact it aims to have regionally?

MSys Technologies is committed to cultivating a dynamic ecosystem in Singapore, both through community involvement and talent acquisition, to make a positive impact on the regional community.

Community involvement is integral to MSys's approach, with personal engagement from key stakeholders, including involvement in activities like Heartfulness meditation. Leveraging existing networks and relationships within the local community, MSys aims to contribute positively to Singapore's social fabric, fostering a sense of connectedness and well-being.

In terms of talent acquisition, MSys plans to tap into local agencies in Singapore and Malaysia to recruit skilled professionals familiar with the regional landscape. By leveraging local expertise, MSys can effectively navigate the nuances of the market while benefiting from the insights and perspectives of individuals who understand the cultural and business dynamics of the region.

Looking ahead, MSys envisions significant growth and expansion over the next 5-10 years. In the short term, the company is poised to double its revenue, signaling a period of rapid advancement. This growth trajectory includes plans to open an office in Hyderabad and expand into new verticals, further diversifying its portfolio.

Moreover, MSys aims to extend its footprint into Europe, recognizing the continent as an untapped market with vast potential. By establishing a presence in Europe and cultivating relationships with clients in the region, MSys intends to broaden its global reach and solidify its position as a top player in the product engineering space.

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