How is the Cloud Technology Evolving?

Interaction with Arnab Mitra, CEO, DigiBoxx on the evolving Cloud technology and its security issues in the current scenario of increased Cloud usage

Archana Verma
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Arnab Mitra, CEO, DigiBoxx

Arnab Mitra, CEO, DigiBoxx

How is cloud technology evolving vis-à-vis storage?


The evolution of cloud transformation has been absolutely revolutionary. It brought with it a range of new solutions that has influenced both businesses and individuals alike.

It has enabled businesses and organisations to scale up their operations, process data faster and store it securely without costly investments in hardware and software. This has been especially beneficial for SMEs and MSMEs who may not have access to enterprise level solutions.

The evolution of cloud technology has also had an impact on an organisation’s IT infrastructure. Now businesses do not need to set up multiple servers across different countries and they can store all their data in one place and connect to their offices with just one connection making it easier for their network setup. This also saves money and reduces hardware costs and helps companies be agile with customer demands while staying adaptable and competitive.


Cloud computing has made an impact not only for organisations and businesses but also on individuals and our day to day lives. From streaming services and OTTs to gaming platforms and social media, access to all these channels have been simplified due to internet and the Cloud. 

Is it possible at all to secure the Cloud storage with ever evolving cyberthreats? 

As more and more businesses migrate to the cloud, instances of cyberattacks are also increasing. Despite various security measures deployed by cloud vendors there are repeated instances of data breaches. While Cloud providers continuously invest in security tools and upgrades it is the organization that bears the ultimate accountability for data breaches and cybersecurity. While local cyber laws mandate stringent data protection, there needs to be constant alignment between cloud vendors and customers to ensure compliance.


Cloud computing is a necessary business strategy making cloud security imperative and the intersection of cloud computing and cybersecurity has become paramount in a continually shifting market environment. 

Some measures that organisations can employ are –



·        Implementing granular access controls to restrict who can access specific data and what actions they can perform.

·        Regular Audits and Monitoring within the cloud storage environment to identify and address any security gaps or unauthorized access attempts.

·        Implementing DLP solutions to prevent sensitive data from being leaked or exposed. This involves scanning data for sensitive information and applying policies to prevent its unauthorized transmission or sharing. 


What has been the revenue growth % (not figures) of your company in last 1 year? 

Our revenue has increased fourfold, by 400%, which is quite significant. However, we anticipate it will stabilize next year after our business reaches a certain level of regularity.

 What is the geographical expanse of your clients in metro and non-metro cities and how cost effective is Cloud storage? 


We are currently operating data centers at Noida, Mumbai and Indore. Some of our engineers are based in Kolkata, Bengaluru and Hyderabad too. We have identified new engineering hubs across the country and we will be making those announcements soon. We have also opened a development centre in Kolkata.

The service we offer is very affordable and can cater to the individual user as well as SMBs, scaling from basic cloud sharing features to multi-user, asset tracking, collaboration capabilities. The plans on offer are extremely competitive. Individual users can invest Rs 30/- to get 100 GB. Small businesses can avail of 500GB at 999 and this includes access to 50 users, which is not offered by any international cloud storage service. Megh3 our S3 compatible object storage solution for enterprises is available at INR 1299 for 1 TB. This makes DigiBoxx cost effective for companies to collaborate over digital campaigns and creatives via DigiBoxx, get web traffic insights and create custom workflows. DigiBoxx is also available for android as well as iOS users. Considering the success of the Android and iOS app, we are extremely confident that in the next 12 to 18 months our subscriber numbers will quadruple.

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