Interaction - Murali Avanamuthu, Director, CETAS

Interview with an IT service platform provider Murali Avanamuthu, Director, CETAS by Swaminathan B on the business of service providers in IT industry

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Murali Avanamuthu

Murali Avanamuthu

Murali Avanamuthu, Director, CETAS talks about his IT service providing platform in this interaction.


What are the new evolving techs in service platform? 

Microsoft is pushing Power Platform as a SaaS offering, with low-code/no-code as the differentiator. Power Apps enables an organization to build web or mobile apps with minimal efforts and timeline. Power Automate enables building of workflows, integrations across various systems, with various connectors. PowerBI enables data analytics by combining data from different sources and renders them in appealing visual dashboards. 

How is GenAI shaping the service platform world? 

AI Builder as part of Power Platform enables AI capabilities to be built into the Power Platform. Whether it’s OCR capabilities or voice-to-text conversions, many use cases can now be built into these Apps, which are truly transforming the way organizations connect with their business partners by embedding prebuilt language models in workflows and apps without needing any training or experience. 

What is your go-to-market strategy and future vision?

We see Power Platform as a surround solution to our Microsoft Dynamics based solutions and services to various domains. When businesses implement business applications like ERP or CRM, they do need a portal to connect with their suppliers or a custom-built app for their field personnel and so on. So positioning Power Platform to these ERP/CRM customers has been our go-to-market strategy and we see significant growth in this Power Platform business. 


What is your geographical expanse in India in terms of metro cities and non metro locations?

We are present in Chennai and Bangalore, but have customers across India.

--As told to Swaminathan B

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