A Software Tool for Consumer Behaviour and Trends Analytics

A Software Tool for Consumer Behaviour and Trends with Manoj Dawane, Founder & CEO, VTION on this made in India tool evolved by his organisation

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Manoj Dawane

What kind of tech is used in this tool? Is it developed in India or in collaboration with an MNC? Have you invested in R&D for this tool?


Our tool leverages advanced, patented technology that selectively extracts events from Android smartphones. This sophisticated technology is integrated into an app available on the Google Play Store, ensuring it operates within full compliance with privacy laws and regulations. The app captures a wide range of digital interactions while maintaining user privacy and data security at its core.

This technology is proudly developed in India, with patents secured in both India and the United States. This dual-patent protection underscores the innovation and global applicability of our solution. The development process was driven by our dedicated in-house team of experts who continuously work to enhance the app’s capabilities.

We have made substantial investments in research and development to create and refine this technology. Our commitment to R&D is reflected in the robustness, accuracy, and compliance of our tool. Continuous R&D efforts ensure that our technology remains at the forefront of industry standards and evolves to meet emerging needs and regulatory requirements.


What are your plans for 2024-25 for expansion?

Our expansion strategy for 2024-25 is structured around three key axes - geographical expansion, product line diversification, and vertical expansion.

First, we plan to extend our footprint to six new international markets in the initial phase. Our successful operational model in India provides a strong foundation for this expansion. By entering new markets, we aim to replicate our success and cater to a broader global audience.


Second, we are set to diversify our product offerings with new solutions such as SDK licensing, first-party (1P) data enrichment, and enhanced insights dashboards. These innovations will provide our clients with deeper, more actionable insights and a wider range of data integration options.

Lastly, while we continue to strengthen our presence in the FMCG sector, we are also targeting growth in additional verticals such as telecom, e-commerce, and OTT platforms. This strategic diversification will help us address the unique needs of different industries and broaden our client base.

How do you want to expand abroad? What challenges do you see in tackling clients from different countries and how do you plan to resolve them?


I see tremendous global potential for our solution. Our phase one international expansion targets six new geographies, starting with Indonesia, where we have already initiated operations. We plan to roll out our services in other regions within this fiscal year, driven by the growing demand from our existing global clients. Our expansion strategy is designed to be methodical and responsive to the specific needs of each market.

Serving clients across different countries involves navigating diverse regulatory environments, understanding unique local market dynamics, and managing logistical complexities. These challenges can be significant but are integral to our growth strategy.

I approach these challenges as opportunities for growth and learning. Our strategy involves leveraging our existing relationships with globally present clients who have expressed a need for our services in new markets. By collaborating with local partners, we can expedite our time-to-market and ensure a seamless service rollout. This collaborative approach, combined with our robust technology and understanding of client needs, positions us well to overcome these challenges and deliver value across different geographies.


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