Strategy for Growth - Strengthening Partners

Strategy for Growth - Strengthening Partners - interaction with Harsh Vaishnav, Head – Channels at Nutanix India and SAARC on the channel strategy of Nutanix in India

Archana Verma
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Harsh Vaishnav

Harsh Vaishnav, Head, Channels at Nutanix India and SAARC

What are the new strategies for partners' expansion of Nutanix in India?


At Nutanix, we're continuously enhancing our approach to support partners in the Indian market through a comprehensive strategy. We focus on strengthening existing partnerships by promoting specialization and establishing dedicated business units. This enables partners to offer tailored solutions while aligning with emerging trends like subscription-based IT consumption models, hybrid cloud solutions, and automation tools. By providing relevant solutions, we empower partners to meet evolving market needs. Additionally, we're intensifying efforts to empower partners through regular communication channels and tailored programs, aiming to foster a robust partner ecosystem in India.

How do you plan to help your partners achieve business growth?

We empower our partners with greater control over the sales cycle, fostering stronger customer relationships and showcasing their expertise in Nutanix solutions. To support this partner-centric approach, we’ve rolled out several initiatives –


·        Revamped Partner Programme (Elevate): We offer a partner program that provides resources, training, and incentives designed to help partners grow their Nutanix business.

·        Focus on Cloud Solutions: We also place a strong emphasis on our cloud solutions, such as Nutanix Cloud Clusters (NC2). Our partners can leverage these solutions to meet the growing customer demand for hybrid cloud options and liberation from vendor lock-in since they need to run their applications and data anywhere in the environment that makes the most sense.

·        Nutanix Surge Program: Nutanix recently announced the Nutanix Surge program, a special promotion that rewards partner organizations and individuals who successfully relay our leading cloud platform to select customers.


With Nutanix Surge, partners can unlock the highest level of incentives ever offered through our Elevate Partner Programme. This includes the Nutanix Surge rebate, which can be combined with other Elevate Reseller Partner Program rebates provided all deal requirements are fulfilled. Further, Nutanix Surge can unlock an incentive for eligible individual sellers and sales engineers at partner organizations when closing eligible deals (assuming combined with other available Elevate Partner Program individual incentive programs). 

In essence, we’ve adopted a partner-centric strategy, equipping our partners with the necessary tools, resources, and support to succeed, while also focusing on cloud solutions that align with customer demands for hybrid cloud and vendor independence.

How do you resolve the challenges of your partners?


We understand our partners' challenges and proactively address them through a robust support system. With dedicated resources and training, we keep partners updated on Nutanix's offerings, empowering them to recommend tailored solutions to clients. We also simplify the sales process, boosting partners' revenue streams and speeding up deal closures.

To tackle lead generation hurdles, we offer marketing support like co-branded materials and targeted campaigns. This comprehensive approach helps partners generate quality leads and maximize sales opportunities, fostering business growth and delivering value to customers through Nutanix's advanced solutions.

What kind of training programmes do you have to keep your partners updated with the new techs?


Keeping our partners informed about the latest technologies is crucial, especially considering the ever-expanding ecosystem of web-scale customers and partners. This growth necessitates proficient training providers capable of delivering Nutanix's curriculum conveniently, consistently, and effectively on a global scale.

In line with its dedication to partner empowerment, we established the Authorised Training Partners (ATP) program, aiming to broaden the availability of its comprehensive training curriculum globally. Through certified education providers, ATP delivers Nutanix's expanding portfolio of instructor-led courses in both in-person and virtual formats across the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa regions. This initiative nurtures a knowledgeable professional community and ensures widespread training accessibility, reaffirming Nutanix's commitment to partner empowerment and ultimately enhancing service and solution delivery to exceptional standards for customers.

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