Unlocking the Power of AI for Scaling Business Growth

Unlocking the Power of AI and Social Media for optimising Business Growth for small and large enterprises with Gautam Rajesh Shelley, CEO & Founder, AiSensy

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Gautam Rajesh Shelley

Gautam Rajesh Shelley, CEO & Founder, AiSensy

How do you use AI on WhatsApp to enhancecCustomer engagement? 

The AiSensy is a Smart platform that can tell the business what to do next to drive revenues. We believe AI is surely going to change the game when it comes to WhatsApp engagement and with ChatGPT ruling our lives today we’re coming up with multiple innovations around AI. It starts with helping businesses generate WhatsApp template messages via AI that can be optimised for higher click rates, open rates, or reply rates. Further, highlighting the right customer audience to target via previous campaign data of the business helps them improve their ROI. We believe AI will play a major role in growing a business's revenue by 1.5-2X via WhatsApp Marketing.

How do you make data-driven decisions by leveraging WhatsApp analytics?

Performance insights are crucial to determine success of a campaign! The more detailed the insights, the better a business is able to configure their future campaigns and drive desired results! We built AiSensy in a way that allowed customers to get data-driven insights for all their campaigns and shoot retargeting campaigns accordingly. Our analytics dashboard gives a clear cut vision on the number of people who read, replied, clicked on a sent message. Based on these numbers, a business can seamlessly retarget the most suitable audience and drive conversions. In one single dashboard, businesses can easily monitor the number of Conversation credits spent, the results as well as the number of payments received. Anyone, even without any technical experience can use the platform to monitor insights and make data-driven decisions hassle-free.

How do you optimis sales funnels with targeted WhatsApp campaigns?

The past 2 years have revolutionised the way businesses use WhatsApp. Earlier, people thought that WhatsApp was only a platform to engage the audience by sending them Broadcast messages. However, in 2024, businesses can very easily use WhatsApp to acquire, engage, onboard, monetise and retain customers. At AiSensy, we have launched powerful features that enable businesses to build their entire sales funnel on WhatsApp. Businesses can create, run and manage Click to WhatsApp ads directly within AiSensy. These ads have helped our customers drive 5x more leads at their same previous Facebook Ads budget. Further, businesses can engage these leads by sending unique broadcast messages, including carousels, multiple buttons, copiable coupon codes, as well as showcase beautiful product catalogues and even collect payments directly within WhatsApp! Yes, this is now possible on WhatsApp via AiSensy. 

What has been your company's growth % in the last 1 year and the expanse of your clientele across non-metro and metro locations?

At AiSensy, we always measure our growth, primarily based on the number of messages sent by our customers. Over 1 bn+ messages were sent on WhatsApp by businesses via AiSensy in the year 2023-24, almost 2x in comparison to the previous year. Our clientele has also expanded! We now have 30000+ businesses, growing their revenue on WhatsApp using AiSensy. We also built our own partnership model, currently powering 3000+ partners who are reselling WhatsApp engagement as a service to their clients. 

We have seen substantial growth in both non-metro and metro locations, showcasing widespread adoption across all parts of the country. Be it a 3rd, 2nd or 1st tier city, WhatsApp is gaining recognition as the best communication channel for businesses and AiSensy is gaining traction by helping such businesses grow their revenue by 3 times via WhatsApp. Overall, we’re present in 52+ Countries with India being our primary market.