Intex to expand with 400 exclusive stores

Intex recently announced its retail wing expansion with 400 exclusive brand stores. The announcement for expansion of stores is a part of Intex’s strategy to expand by investing Rs.6000 crores, in India, in FY 2015-2016.

The exclusive stores called, ‘Intex Smart World’ will feature Intex’s entire range of products. These exclusive outlets will act as the single touch-point for customers. These will be a mix of company-owned and franchised outlets. They will also act as reference points for its service centers.

Elated about the expansion, Vishal Malik, DGM, Retail Business, Intex Technologies said, “It’s a right time for us to expand distribution strength in branded retail segment and provide a platform to consumer’s personal training and information which leads to optimise the experience of Intex wide range of products for its customer.”

Creating a first in India, Intex Smart world will provide a two-level consumer experience in its stores-one large area focused on product display, and other area devoted to providing after sales and virtual experience (tutorials, support and digital displays etc). This will be a difference as personal electronics retailing in India.

Adding further Malik said,“We are going to spend around Rs. 100 crores in FY 15-16 to boost our retail presence in India. We will start with metros and then move to other cities. The idea is to focus on product experience that will help the customer make his choice. Of the Rs. 6,000 crore target turnover for FY-16, 5% or Rs.300-odd crore is expected to come from brand stores.

This expansion will help the organization to understand the consumer needs. Though at present, Intex has been sourcing sale through a distribution network comprising 1100+ distributors and 80,000+ dealers spread across the country.

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