Into the World of Safesavaari

Rajat Mittal, Managing Director, Tech Ventures  focusing on to become an end to end Security Solution Provider


  • Can you introduce Safesavaari?

Safesavaari is a unique and innovative concept which takes the security assurance to the next levels and give control to the passenger and to their family. It is a mix of Hardware / Software / App and Human Support based solution which mitigates all potential risks which any traveller might face at anytime during their journey.

  • What is your Go-To-Market strategy?

The company has recently developed and Launched the App on the googleplaystore and shall be making the same available on IOS. The Company is looking for tie ups with cab companies so that the hardware can be installed into their CABs directly and the App can be made available for the users.

  • What is the current employee strength? Do you have any plans to increase the no. of employees or any expansion in other cities?

The company being a startup Venture has limited Employee Strength however, We have plans to increase the number of employees going forward.

  • What are the recent developments at the company/IT company?

The Recent development in the company is that we have developed a solution to stream HD Videos and 2G Streaming for low connectivity areas along with Back Up support team to cover for Unforeseen events like Accidents etc.

  • What steps are you going to take to tap the growing need of efficiency and security?

The company has multiple plans to launch this solution across other areas where security is a major risk.

  • What is your future strategy?

The company has plans to become an end to end Security Solution providing company for all the Cab Aggregators operating in India.

  • What edge do your services offer to customers?

The solution has many features which are Unique and something no one is offering in the market.. Features like LIVE VIDEO STREAMING, LIVE Driver Verification before Each Ride, CALL ME (To mitigate Low Battery Situations) and SOS (With Full Time Back Up Team to provide First Aid and Accident Support)

  • Which companies do you consider as your competition in the Indian market?

Currently since this is a unique concept, hence no major competition and we will have an early mover advantage.

  • Have you come across weak points or what challenges you face in the Indian market?

Areas with No 3 G Network, which has been mitigated with our 2G Solution and are always on the look out to better our existing solution

  • Any tie-ups to be announced in near future?

Hopefully many 🙂

  • What are the business expectations and targets that you have to set out to meet?

Our Solution will be a subscription based solution where the hardware will be pre-installed but customer will be charged for the service being rendered, hence the future is bright for the offered solutions.

  • What are the company’s future plans?

As discussed earlier, the company plans to become an end to end Security Solution Provider for Private Companies and Govt. Agencies and are open for New Projects on which the Team is already working on.

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