“IoT and Internet Security will be major focused areas for D-Link in 2015”

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Mr. Tushar Sighat Executive Director CEO India SAARC

In a candid interaction with the DQ Channels, Tushar Sighat, Executive Director and CEO of D-Link India talks about new business opportunities coming up with smart technologies like IoT and Internet Security and company’s road map to capitalize on these trends.


How is the growth of D-Link India in terms of growth and revenue?

Tushar Sighat: We are growing consistently since last four years. The growth is consistent in terms of revenue and profitability. We are monitoring the growth quarter of quarter. The last two quarters were good in terms of business. We recorded net sales Rs. 487 Cr. in FY 2013-14. The profitability of the company rose to Rs. 135.83 Cr. in FY 2013-14 from Rs. 123.25 Cr. in FY 2012-13. Overall D-Link (India) Ltd. has recorded 37.8% growth in revenues with 10.2% growth in Net Profits for FY 2013-14. We are getting good results across the lines of business including Consumer, SMB, SME and Enterprise segment. We have witnessed overall growth in most of the product segments.

What are the key product lines that attract more business for the company?


Tushar Sighat: We are focusing on all the business segments. So, I will not do partially with any of the business segment. All the segments are contributing to the growth of the company and growing in their own aspects. We are visible in the market for Wi-Fi routers, at the same time our cabling business is also doing well.

Currently IoT is a big buzz in the market. What are the potentials of this much talked about segment in the Indian Market?

Tushar Sighat: With Wi-Fi penetration, the IoT reaching to customers is possible in very faster way. In the era of smart devices, people want to use smart Wi-Fi and it is a big market. We are present in the most home devices, so we will be taking advantage of it to reach to the customers faster.


What is your business strategy to capitalize on the smart technologies like Cloud and IoT?

Tushar Sighat: Innovation is always in our base of growth. So, we always enter into new market with new products.  Whenever such new markets come up, we are always there to capitalize on it. We have big plans for Internet Security and Internet of Things (IoT) in coming days. We will be rolling out lot many products IoT very soon. Our cloud is quite operational and we have mydlink Cloud Service which is in all of our products.

On Mobility side, we are closely monitoring that how 4G shapes up in India and we will plan our strategy accordingly. With changing market scenarios, we have also changed ourselves with major changes in our offerings. We have come out with handy routers which offer mobility to users. Business surveillance is big opportunity for us and we are doing lot of activities to build up this market.


While exploring new avenues with the smart technologies, how will you ensure that partners profit margins are taken care of?

Tushar Sighat: We will keep all the money on the table from the margins. Now, whether to take the margins or not is in the hands of partners. They have to take margins from the customers. We always try to get new business for the partners and help them grow their revenues and profitability. Our partners have grown with us in past years they are all well to do today with much more turnover. Whenever we launch products, we ensure that overall channel ecosystem grows with us. For partners there is lot of opportunities coming in two to three years in terms of more revenues and profits.

Being primarily a network solutions company, how do you align yourself with government’s initiatives like digital India and Smart Cities project?


Tushar Sighat: We work with the government on policy making and wherever possible we are trying to be a part of these projects. With government’s digital India initiative, internet will reach to the interior and remote areas and there will be need for Wi-Fi and ultimately our market will grow.

E Commerce giants indulged in price cutting is a matter of concern for offline channel. How do you address partners concerns about predatory pricing?

Tushar Sighat: We are the channel centric company and always routed our sales through the channel. We don’t sell or supply our products directly on online market place. It is the channel partners who are selling on online platforms and indulged in price cutting. Online is a worldwide platform of selling and it is going to grow in India. Our partners have to decide which platform to choose. We don’t support predatory pricing and always request our partners not to be predatory by themselves.


What is your channel policy to nurture the partner ecosystem to facilitate their growth?

Tushar Sighat: We value the channel as they have nurtured the brand. We do lot of things at various levels for our partners. We run various incentive schemes for them and organize in house and media events. We also engage in different activities for our SI partners and guide them on new technologies.

Since networking is a highly contested segment in India, what sets D-Link unique from other prominent players in the market?


Tushar Sighat: It is very interesting question. At the same time it is very dynamic because what we do that change every time depending on our competition strategy. We do various combinations to differentiate our brand from others. Customers trust our brand and we capitalize on that. Pricing is another factor which gives us preference over others. We offer high quality products at reasonable prices.

What will be your go to market strategy in 2015 in terms of expanding presence across the regions and verticals?

Tushar Sighat: In 2015, we will be more focusing on IoT, Internet Security and surveillance. We will be releasing new products, at the same time we will be enhancing our existing product portfolio. IP cameras will be our major focused area apart from strengthening our position in other areas which will help us build on our business.  We recently tied up with the company called MOXA which is world’s leading industrial networking company. We will keep on forging such kind of partnership. We are also working on lines to develop products in India.

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