IoT Remote Monitoring Guide to Tide Over Corona

IoT Remote Monitoring Guide to Tide Over Corona by maintaining social distancing and remote management of workplaces in enterises

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Here is an IoT solution to remotely manage the industrial work. Since COVID-19 has transformed the economic landscape for the destined future and there are several questions about how to safely and efficiently respond to it.


The focus has changed to the integration of data and digitization of operations to give end-to-end visibility that will need collaborative environments with several stakeholders and data sharing across the value chain.

As organizations do their best to remain efficient throughout the COVID-19 crisis, business owners are thinking about what IIoT tools are available to assure they’re operationally efficient while following the health and safety regulations.

One of the ways industries can benefit from IIoT as they traverse the pandemic is for workforce tracking as well as monitoring.

hIOTron India has also launched a smart machine monitoring solution that will help manufacturers to estimate real-time machine conditions and they need to go on the shop floor frequently.

Having an IoT device that can alert employees when a piece of equipment is about to fail intercepts the production of these scrap parts, greatly minimizing waste and cost.

An essential part of any remote monitoring programme is the collection and analysis of data altogether. Displaying analytics on the manufacturing shop floor has huge benefits that eventually help in increasing manufacturing performance. Combining machine data into ERP and MES platforms also assists with optimizing production efficiency via remote monitoring.


IIoT technologies also provide detailed analytics that assists companies to monitor several assets, monitors multiple metrics at once and gain insight into processes’ performance and improvement opportunities.

After the crisis ends, organizations can accelerate a return to normal operations, in part by implementing IIoT to provide employees with remote access and control of several machines.

By using such IoT solutions industries can tide over Corona more easily.

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