IoT and Retail Techs in the Coming New Year 2022

IoT and Retail Techs in the Coming New Year 2022 to enhance business growth using these emerging technologies in smart spaces

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As the New Year 2022 draws closer, industry leaders are expressing their views about how the new year i going to be for two increasingly important tech solutions. These are in the segments of retail and IoT solutions for smart buildings. We all know that smart building techs are becoming more and more important for us. Similarly, IoT is increasingly being used in many gadgets.

Gaurav Burman- VP & APAC President, 75F, India says, "As 75F specialises in Smart Building Technology, our IoT solutions focus on employees’ health and safety. This has become a hot topic no doubt in recent times, with the entire world slowly emerging from the pandemic. There is also the need to maintain ambient conditions, most conducive to work, including air, lighting and temperature. Looking back, we see that the entire HVAC industry is undergoing a technological revolution to keep up with the evolving demands of home buyers and builders. New, eco-friendly buildings are being designed to use minimal energy to balance the heat and cold inside the building."

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"Indoor air quality has become a priority in the Covid era as the risk of catching viruses is particularly high in an enclosed space shared by multiple people. And hence, businesses that are planning to bring back their employees have a clear obligation to safeguard employee well-being by ensuring that indoor air is both clean and optimally balanced for productivity."

--Gaurav Burman- VP & APAC President, 75F, India

He continues, "Further, this pandemic emerged as the year giving rise to digital transformation across functions including facility management services, regardless of the nature and size of businesses. The main objective of any facility manager is to ensure that the employees are able to work efficiently within the office environment. Tenants are expecting an office environment that gives a connected workplace experience to collaborate with multiple teams. I think Facility management in 2022 will witness trends such as an increased number of shared workplaces and increased adoption of technology to optimize operations and to increase energy efficiency."

Prem Kumar, Founder & CEO, SnapBizz says, “2021 has been a year of significant transformation in consumers’ tastes, preferences and buying patterns. With the Coronavirus seemingly under control, thanks to lockdowns and vaccination efforts, this year’s festive season saw some sense of “normalcy”. Shops had an increase in footfall, as compared to the same time last year. There was an increase of 36% in the FMCG sales this year as compared to the last two years. Online shopping continues to be preferred, due to the convenience of shopping and ease of payment."

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"Approximately, 10 million small kiranas serve the entire population of the country and are the backbone of the retail ecosystem. With consumers having a median basket size of less than ₹200 and shopping for up to 3 to 5 times per week, it has become very important to help these small businesses survive the digital era."  
--Prem Kumar, Founder & CEO, SnapBizz

The coming New Year seems to bring hope to these technologies. The IT MSMEs can go in these directions to enhance their business growth.

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