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Iris Global Delivers 1000 LFDs to Diageo, UK Spirits

New Delhi based Iris Global has entered into an agreement with United Kingdom based United Spirits under their $100 million global recovery programme for their Diageo brand called Raising the Bar. Under this programme, Diageo will support pubs and bars to welcome customers back and recover, following the COVID-19 pandemic

“Through Raising the Bar, we will provide $100 million to support the recovery of major hospitality centres, including those at New York, London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Belfast, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Nairobi, Dar es Salaam, Kampala, Sydney and beyond,” says Ivan Menezes, Chief Executive, Diageo.

The Ireland-based British company is fully hopeful that this would be a big economic movement in the post Covid period and it would have a dramatic chain reaction in reviving the economy, they felt.

Iris Global has signed up for the supply & installation of 49 Inches, 1,000 vertical TV display screens at its 1,000+ retail chain restaurants / pubs, across the length and breadth of the country. These displays will continuously showcase the wide range of its beverages (alcoholic & non alcoholic) along with their respective prices and a wide range of knick knack with promotional details.

Talking to news persons, Himanshu Chawla, COO, Iris Global, said “These TV screens are dust proof, tough and are able to work 24×7, The initial order is valued at Rs 2.5 crores and for that they have already procured from industry leaders like Samsung and LG for the supply of the same which is expected to be completed by March 31, this year.”

Chawla also disclosed that the British company planned to enhance the number of their outlets from 1,000 to manifold over the next 2 years and Iris Global would be their chosen integrator for this AV build PAN India. They would also be looking into other aspects like security, access control & fire safety measures of these retail chains for which the value estimation will be carried out later, he added.

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