Iris Global Partners with Akshara on the Govt’s Dealing with Mauritius

The Delhi based computer, tablets and mobile gadgets distributor Iris Global has executed an export order for meeting the Mauritius Government’s programme of empowering its Nation’s Education System with tablets, in a bid to further improve upon their present educational system.

The programme was under a bilateral agreement between India and Mauritius Government with funding from the Government of India. As per the agreement the recipient country will have to import the tablets from India and as per that the tenders were floated for the import of tablets from India.

Talking to newsmen, Iris Global Chairman, Sanjiv Krishen said that though the tender was a huge one, they were able to secure an order for the execution of tablets to Mauritius worth Rs 18 Crore. This order came through their partner Akshara.

He said that from the Indian side all arrangements were made by the Noida based Public Sector Undertaking EdCIL  (Educational Consultant India Limited) and executed by Akshara, one of Iris Global’s Hyderabad based partner.
The Rs 18 Crore portion of the tender was structured by Iris, which not only helped in the procurement but also in reaching an agreement for opening up of an Escrow account, thereafter executing the export commitment for the supply of tablets.

“Iris Global has been our preferred distributor; their patronage in our growth journey has been significant. Their extravagant effort and support during odd times has enabled us to provide timely delivery of material to our end customers”, said Sreedhar Rao of Akshara.

“In the recent time, their involvement in executing a large prestigious Govt to Govt order of EdCIL was commendable. With Iris Global we could accomplish timely completion of ICT Infrastructure deployment in Primary Schools of the Republic of Mauritius” he added.

This was an endeavour of the Government of India to facilitate the education programme of Mauritius and at the same time, help the Indian distributor and education organisations, to expand their network in Mauritius.

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