ISODA Tech Summit 7 kicks off in Ho Chi Minh City

ISODA tech summit 7 kicked off at Hotel Equatorial in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam amidst much fanfare. Atleast, 80 plus attendees to talk over next 3 days on Xcel, xcellerate, xceed.

TechSummit 7 promises to bring in some very new alliance opportunities and  strengthen the existing ones.

ISODA tech summit 7 has that X factor

ISODA TechSummit 7 President Rajiv Mammidana and ChairmanVipul Dutta also talked about X factor in tech summit 7.

“Need to Xcel in strategies and alliances, have to xcellerate to the next level of skills successfully, have to xceed the expectations of teams as entrepreneurs.”  Rajeev Mamidanna – President of ISODA TechSummit 7 said in his inaugral speech.isoda-4


They gave examples of Luis Figo, Mickey Mantel, Christiano Ronaldo and M S Dhoni, leaders who leveraged this X factor. And incidentally ISODA tech summit 7 they also wore no 7.

Keynote session on the roadmap ahead was given by Vipul Shah and KV Jagannathan.isoda

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