"ISVs, SIs are the biggest customer influencers for us," IBM's ISV Chief

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IBM is betting on its ISV and developer relationships like never before. That

globally 60,000 of its 1,00,000 business partners are ISVs only attest to this

fact and India is soon turning to be a greenfield in company's search for more

and more quality ISVs. IBM's chief for ISV and developer relations, Buell

Duncan was recently in Bangalore to assess the vast pool of both organizational

and individual developers that India has.


In an exclusive interview given to DQ Channels India, Buell explains how both

ISVs and SIs together play the role of 'strongest influencers' on customer's

buying decisions. "Compared to other partners (namely resellers), ISV and

SI base for IBM will rapidly swell up in the near future. There is also a huge

synergy between the SIs and ISVs, which we are increasingly facilitating through

our various programs," remarks he. Nearly 80% of all middleware decisions

taken last year by customers involved a solution provider. Further, according to

Buell, top 100 ISVs globally influence in bringing a business of $10 billion

annually for IBM and he believes that a similar trend will emerge in India as



Top 100 ISVs globally influence in bringing a business of $10 billion annually for IBM

Over past 12 months, IBM has increased its ISV base to over 100 in the

country and is constantly adding more. And Buell is very bullish on the huge

population of individual developers that reside here. "While the solution

needs of verticals like government, financial institutions, telcos can be

well-addressed by institutional ISVs, individual developers have the right

profile for offering solutions to the large base of SMB customers," adds

Buell. In fact in 2004, of all the business delivered by IBM's business

partners across the world, 63% came from SMBs.


He also informs that many ISVs, who were previously Microsoft-only, have

moved on to offering open standards-based solutions. "In many a cases, such

a shift is largely driven by customer's demand for choice," says he.

In the current year, IBM will be expanding its PartnerWorld Industry Networks

(PWIN) across more geographies and industries as well as increase its business

from strategic alliance business partners and 'ISV Advantage' members in the