IT-Enabled Services Is The Next Big Business

If you have not looked at IT-enabled services (ITES) as a business
opportunity, it is time that you did. There is going to be a lot of action in
this field in the coming days.

The National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM)
estimates that the country can earn up to Rs 7,500 crores through ITES by
2001-02. This is big money and is an excellent business opportunity for channel
partners to get into.

For those who are new to ITES, this business embraces call centers, medical
transcription, back office operations and animation centers. For market-savvy
channel partners it makes a lot of business sense to diversify into ITES since
their exposure to IT gives them an edge over others.

While the overall revenue that can be generated in ITES looks impressive, the
numbers relating to specific fields look even more promising. NASSCOM is
confident that the country can handle a minimum of one billion calls by 2002
providing jobs to 20,000. In the medical transcription field, the estimates are
that the country can grow from the current Rs 120 crore to Rs 160 crore during
next year.

So, are you ready to take the plunge? What’s the first step interested
channel partners should take? Register yourself with the ITES Forum launched by
NASSCOM which plans to meet on 10th November. The objectives of this
Forum include creating awareness among entrepreneurs about the opportunities
that exist in ITES, organize monthly meetings with the expert panel and organize
venture capital and buyer-seller meetings.

The objectives of ITES Forum look very pragmatic. This kind of handholding is
required for those who want to venture out to newer opportunities. The setting
up of an expert panel is particularly noteworthy because it gives a chance to
novices to interact with those who have already gained experience in the filed.

These objectives should help the country to strategize its position in ITES
at the global level. India has the advantage of skilled manpower that is well
versed in English, the commonly used business language. Hence, building up on
the existing export opportunities looks very much possible.

The Central government too has done its bit to see that there is quick growth
in ITES. It has exempted the ITES revenue from income tax. Now the government
should move to bring the country’s telecom infrastructure at par with the global
standards. This is of utmost importance for the success of ITES.

The objectives of the Forum are, thus, eminently relevant to the IT industry
in general and ITES in particular. Those partners who want to diversify from
their current business to ITES need to take full advantage of the Forum to have
a firm foothold in the new business opportunity.

Interested partners should also take advantage of the expert panel that ITES
Forum has put together. The panel’s mandate is to help out entrepreneurs with
business plans, marketing initiatives and provide leads with respect to venture
capital firms.

Coming days will see some good action to further the objectives of the ITES
Forum. Delegations are being planned to be taken to the US, Brussels, Berlin and
London. Deals will be struck. Business will be made. There is no time to lose.
Join the Forum and see that you flourish.

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