JCDA, Jalandhar Gives Memorandum to the Govt for Professional Tax

JCDA, Jalandhar Gives Memorandum to the Govt for Professional Tax in a meeting with the government bodies when they handed them a copy of the memo

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Jalandhar Computer Dealers Association (JCDA), an autonomous body which is a conglomerate of 100 plus dealers of Jalandhar and adjoining region, has given a memorandum to the govt about the professional development tax. We have a strong strength of 1000 plus employees all together and cater to the entire Doaba region as a whole.
In an interaction, a JCDA representative told DQ Channels that they have met Rajesh Beri, MLA and given him a memo about removing the professional development tax and have also demanded that an IT Park should be built in Jalandhar, as such parks are being developed in Mohali and in other districts of Punjab, but not in Jalandhar.
Rajesh Joshi, President, JCDA, said that the businesses of all categories are suffering after the Corona-related lockdown and that the government should take steps to alleviate the suffering businesses.
JCDA, Jalandhar, further said in its note sent to DQ Channels, "With this memorandum, we would like to bring to the notice of Government regarding the Professional tax which has been levied on the working class. Moreover the law passed for the same states that it should be implemented from back date i.e 2018 and the professionals have to pay the tax for three years at one go."
The Memorandum further adds, "We strongly condemn the decision of the govt and would like to state that whole JCDA urges you to repeal the law and provide some relief to the working class."
JCDA, Jalandhar Memo further says, "Despite the most unfavourable times for the working community because of the COVID times, already the businesses are working hard even to strive on its own. We have provided our employees the salaries and other benefits during complete lockdowns as well. On the contrary, there has been no support provided by the govt to us. This law clearly represents the dictatorial motives of the govt to squish out money in the form of taxes.
Hopefully, the govt authorities should take some immediate action on the same to support he cause."
--Memo sent by Rajiv Khanna, Founder & Ex-President, JCDA, Jalandhar 
Both the Punjab govt and the Central Govt of India need to look into the problems of the suffering people and take immediate measures to solve their problems without further burdening them with additional financial obligations.
It is my personal opinion that the govt should simplify all the financial rules everywhere in India, not only in Punjab. At the end of the financial year, everyone should be able to just show their bank statement and just pay a flat rate of 10% tax if their annual profit is more than Rs 2.5 Lakhs. There should be no other tax burden and other financial obligations on the people of India for the next 5 years. After all, to a large measure, the govt is responsible for the spread of Corona in India as it didn't stop the international flights in Feb 2020 when the Corona had not spread in the country. Stopping the international flights and imposing the lockdown after the spread of Corona was counter-productive as it ruined an already ailing economy.