Jugnoo Launches ‘Fatafat’ in Chandigarh

A hyperlocal grocery delivery facility harnessing auto-rickshaws as logistics partner 

Leading on-demand auto-rickshaw aggregator, Jugnoo forays into hyperlocal grocery delivery in Chandigarh with the launch of ‘Fatafat’. Adding to its on-demand service portfolio, the latest launch will facilitate the residents of Chandigarh to order quality fresh fruits and vegetables to their doorsteps, at affordable mandi rates. ‘Fatafat’ grocery delivery appropriately demonstrates optimal utilization of resources, with auto-rickshaws as its logistic partners.

Commenting on the launch, Samar Singla, Founder and CEO Jugnoo commented, “We have always believed in the potential of e-grocery but we wanted to grow to a point where we could meet the demand and supply of this market without hampering our core business of auto-rickshaw aggregation. With this launch, we are taking a step ahead towards our objective of expanding across various verticals of on-demand space’.

Tapping different verticals in the on-demand space, Jugnoo’s ‘Fatafat’ service was launched last year in March and continued for about 8 months till October. The service initially was meant to deliver custom orders for its users to their homes, from stores within the city. About 2 lakh users were registered with Fatafat and the company was receiving over 1000 orders in a day across 4 cities. However, the service was withdrawn temporarily by the company due to lack of adequate supply to cater to demands at that scale.

Ensued by that, Jugnoo streamlined it processes and scaled up its business by ten times and ventured into the space once again. However, the company has decided to keep its focus exclusively on fruits and vegetables at the moment. Furthermore, Jugnoo has also acquired ‘SabKuchFresh’ to augment procurement and logistics functions of fresh fruits and vegetables.

About Jugnoo

Jugnoo, a Chandigarh based company, was established in the year 2014. It has ventured into the industry as one of the leading auto-rickshaw aggregators with 35,000 people transacting per day, at a very nascent stage. It is a mobile app offering one of the largest networks of auto-rickshaws in India. It has over 10,000 autos empanelled under the brand at present.

Founded by Samar Singla and Chinmay Agarwal, the company is targeting the students, working professionals, and masses that are dependent on public transport for their daily conveyance.

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