Juniper Networks Announces Two New AI-Enabled Capacities on Cloud

Juniper Networks Announces Two New AI-Enabled Capacities on Cloud to offer language model and cloud services to enterprises

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Juniper Networks has announced two AI-enabled capacities on Cloud. Thes include -


Cloud-Native Access Assurance Service Driven by Mist AI

Juniper Networks has introduced the Mist Access Assurance service, a cloud-native access assurance service driven by Mist AI. This service combines network access control (NAC) and policy enforcement with AI-driven automation, flexibility, and scalability. It leverages Mist AI and a modern microservices cloud to deliver NAC and policy management functions, offering superior access control, policy enforcement, and operational savings. The service integrates NAC into the network infrastructure, provides client-level insights, reduces deployment times, and brings modernization to the network.

“Network administrators often fear their own legacy NAC solutions because they are built using on-premises overlay hardware, which makes them brittle, complex to deploy and operate, and inherently lacking in both scale and resiliency,” said Sudheer Matta, Group VP of Products at Juniper Networks. “The new Juniper Mist Access Assurance service solves this by natively integrating NAC into the network infrastructure, and by leveraging AIOps and a cloud-native architecture to seamlessly set up and operate access management, policy creation and enforcement from anywhere via a familiar interface.  With our groundbreaking Mist AI and microservices cloud, Juniper customers and partners get exceptional client level insights and automation, deployment times that are reduced from months to minutes and cost-effective resiliency and scale. By integrating Mist AI with NAC, Juniper is further expanding the value of the AI-driven enterprise portfolio, while bringing much needed modernisation to a key part of the network.”

Extention of AIOps Leadership with Large Language Model (LLM) Capabilities, Zoom Integration and Expanded Wi-Fi 6E Portfolio


Juniper Networks has also announced new enhancements to deliver improved user experiences and simplify IT operations. By integrating ChatGPT with Marvis, their virtual network assistant driven by Mist AI, customers can access knowledgebase information using large language models. Additionally, Marvis has integrated with Zoom to enhance video conferencing experiences and reduce troubleshooting costs. Juniper has also introduced a new Wi-Fi 6E access point, the AP24, expanding their AI-driven portfolio. These advancements reinforce Juniper's commitment to AI-driven tools and AIOps, providing actionable knowledge and delivering superior network performance while minimising IT costs.

“AI is the next step in automating tasks that typically require a human IT domain expert, improving how IT teams operate the network with AI-driven tools like Marvis and its conversational interface,” said Bob Friday, Chief AI Officer at Juniper Networks. “Juniper Mist has always been a pioneer in utilizing proven AIOps to deliver assured user experiences from client to cloud, and with these latest LLM enhancements, Marvis will provide even more actionable knowledge and be an even more valuable member of the IT team.”

This makes it even easier to deliver predictable, reliable and measurable user experiences from client to cloud.

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