“Be Positive At All Times; Be It Success or Failure”: Kailash Gupta, ETSC Computers

Whatever happens, happens for better; overcome hurdles and move on: Kailash Gupta, Director, ETSC Computers. It has emerged as one-stop for IT solutions.

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“Whatever happens, happens for better; overcome hurdles and move on,” says Kailash Gupta, Director, ETSC Computers; Because every stepping stone has a lesson to teach. In order to help us build not only our work but also our personality.


Kailash graduated from BITS PILANI in 1984. After graduation, he worked for an Instrumentation company as R&D Engineer for 6 months to understand the enterprise and corporate structure.

After quitting his job in May 1985, Kailash started his enterprise - Electronics Trade & Service Centre.

“A company floated by my eldest brother to do part-time service jobs. But I accelerated the same to be a full-time service company for various Pharma Units and other business enterprises electronic equipment.”


Gupta was born and brought up in the business family where the mindset was clear to work on one’s own business. Moreover, his eldest brother was already into business, which aided him to quickly establish his business during the early years.

However, the turning point in the business was CLASS ( Computer Literacy and studies in Schools) project introduced by Govt of India wherein he associated with Semiconductor Complex Ltd ( A govt of India enterprises) to market BBC Computers in schools.

“Later we added IBM PC; when re-entered in India in 1991. Today after almost over 30 years, ETSC has emerged as ONE STOP IT SOLUTIONS Company.”


Professional Achievements of ETSC Computers

Kailash further shared his achievements. He said,

  1. a) We were awarded as the best corporate dealer by WeP Peripherals
  2. b) We were awarded as the best corporate dealer by WIPRO InfoTech Ltd

Challenges Faced

The early days of his business were full of struggle and challenges. Though, there was immense support and motivation. His was one of the early enterprises at that point in time.

It was in the early 90s that he faced some roadblocks in his business. As the computerization was at very low; the volumes of business was very low; but at the same time, it compensated with good margins.


Success Mantra

Kailash’s mantra for life is to be “Positive “at all times, be it success or failure. “

Learn from Failures and move ahead. Believe in “Whatever happens; happens for better; overcome hurdles and move on!


Advice to Young Entrepreneurs

Gupta’s pieces of advice to entrepreneurs is to not to worry about mistakes or failures. He says they are part of life experiences and teaches better than any other teacher.

“Be passionate for what you do and you are bound to succeed. Do what you and love and love what you do”.



“I like to enjoy life by celebrating each success and occasion. Love being active on social media, watching News debates and also like to sing whenever I get a chance to.  I like partying with friends and travelling and exploring new destinations.

Future Plans: Professionally and Personally

Even though having crossed the magical figure of 50+ and his enterprises more than 33 years as of today; Kailash aims to launch a Startup to address social issues such as suicides due to depression.

“Also since the entire world is moving towards leasing and rentals would like to launch a startup for Renting “IT infrastructure as Service on rentals both on-premises and on the cloud.

On the personal front - I would like to enjoy life by connecting with Old College friends /families and celebrate special occasions and excursions with them whenever possible.

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