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“Keep working hard towards your goal”- Amit Aggarwal

In a Rapid fire interaction with DQ Channels and Amit Aggarwal, Co-Founder & Director, Effectual Services shared his personal and professional vitae. 

Originally from: Born and brought up in Delhi

Studied at:   DPS Noida; Kurukshetra University

Company: Effectual Services, Advisory firm that offers IP support solutions to Fortune 500 companies

What is your ideal day:  Waking up early, playing tennis/badminton to loosen up my body. Then get ready for work with a healthy plate of eggs and juice. A productive environment at the office, completing the day’s task along with quality time spent with colleagues. Returning home in the evening, spending some lovely time with the family members and close friends. And a peaceful sleep after a drink and tasty dinner at night.

What inspires you: People with never giving up attitude inspire me the most.

What’s your favorite place on earth:  Home

What’s your favorite food: Rajma Chawal

What’s the thing you can’t live without:  My family

What is the best thing you like to do alone: Listen to soulful music

The last book you read: “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill

Which letter of the alphabet describes you the most and how:  Alphabet A describes me the most appropriately, firstly my name starts with A and secondly it structurally indicates me to keep soaring high.

never get tired of: Spending fun time with my daughter.

What’s your motto in life:  Cherish your yesterday, dream your tomorrow and live your today.

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently: It was recently when my 10 yr old came very excitingly to me and said: “Do you know, I have decided what I would become when I grow up”. I curiously asked, “Yes please tell me!” To this, he replied, “I want to be a lawyer like you, as they earn a lot of money”. Hearing her reply, my wife and I laughed hysterically.

Advice to budding entrepreneurs: Don’t let yourself stop due to small hurdles, keep working hard towards your goal as you never know it may be the last stone to turn.

Interview by: Divya Bishi- DQ Channels


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