LastPass Unveils Expanded Enterprise Features

LastPass announced feature enhancements and multiple partner integrations for its Enterprise offering and is making password management effortless

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LastPass announced feature enhancements and multiple partner integrations for its Enterprise offering. In this latest update, LastPass is continuing to make password management effortless for both IT administrators and end users by making it easier to onboard and offboard users to LastPass.


In addition, new features such as the smart organization of work and personal passwords reinforce why LastPass was ranked the most preferred password management tool by IT experts and end users alike.

“The human element is the weakest link in security and represents the largest attack surface of an organization,” says Matt Kaplan, GM of LastPass by LogMeIn. “With this latest release, we are offering new integrations to popular identity providers which enable businesses to more rapidly increase their overall security posture by easily deploying LastPass company-wide. At LastPass, we provide our business customers with the best of both worlds – a frictionless experience employees love, protected by the strong security and control IT admins need.”

According to recent research by LastPass, the average employee now has nearly 200 passwords to track in the workplace. Every one of those passwords can be thought of as an entry point for hackers that must be secured. Since 81 percent of data breaches are caused by poor credential management, password security continues to be a top priority for businesses.


Today’s update to LastPass Enterprise offers new integrations, added admin controls and an improved employee experience, including:

  • Automated onboarding and offboarding with today’s leading Identity Providers: The updated Directory Center now offers out of the box support for popular identity management tools like Microsoft Azure Active Directory and Okta, which provides customers with convenient options for deploying LastPass and provisioning user accounts. Customers can now onboard employees to LastPass and remove employee access by syncing with their preferred “identity source of truth.”
  • Less-privileged admin access with the Helpdesk role: IT staff who need access to admin privileges for day-to-day management of the LastPass deployment can be granted a less-privileged Helpdesk role ensuring they only have access to what they need in order to troubleshoot and help users.
  • Smart organization of work and personal passwords: A new default policy recognizes and saves employee’s business and personal passwords in the correct LastPass vault when their LastPass personal and Enterprise accounts are linked. This automatically organizes and stores the user’s business passwords in their work vault, while personal passwords are stored in their personal vault.
  • LastPass Premium as employee benefit option: New LastPass Premium packages are available to add to LastPass Enterprise purchases so businesses can offer a personal password management solution to employees as an added perk. This helps employees improve their overall password hygiene while further shrinking the attack surface for potential intruders.

“We are pleased to see a thriving ecosystem of partners integrating their solutions with our products to the benefit of our mutual customers,” said Maura Hameroff, Product Marketing Director – EMS Marketing, Microsoft Corp. “LastPass benefits from its integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory, ensuring its enterprise customers have a consistent experience onboarding employees to improve the overall security of their organization."

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