LateralAccessDevice (LAD) from IPCopper Available for Download

LateralAccessDevice (LAD) from IPCopper Available for Download along with IP Copper firewall and DNS technologies for enterprise usage

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IPCopper introduces LAD (LateralAccessDevice), which is now available for for download with LateralFirewall and LateralDNS technologies. LAD transforms common PC hardware into sophisticated state-of-the-art networking powerhouses, providing a suite of network management and monitoring functions from basic routing and switching to monitoring and filtering to full line-rate packet capture up to 1Gbps and more, with no need to reconfigure clients or reroute network topology.


More than a drop-in replacement for a firewall or router, with its LateralFirewall technology LAD secures networks inside and out by segregating internal devices both from the external Internet and from each other, thereby squelching the secret, surreptitious communications between devices that chip away at the integrity of network and data security. Its LateralDNS features provide domain name resolution services and customisable domain name-based firewalling for the entire network and each individual networked device.

Firewalls offer the possibility of manually configuring IP address rules, but in practice few use them, instead relying on outsourced packages of rules, which are equally available to hackers. With LAD, however, the user gets laser-sharp aim to zero in on and shut off all the adware, malware, spyware and other ware through the domain names they use. Users will be surprised to see in the logs how their commonly visited websites bring in a good dozen or more mystery domains, but LAD unmasks them and helps users separate the wheat from the chaff. Even those with no experience with IP addresses and little knowledge of how the Internet works can prevent their smart fridge from uploading pictures of their leftover Chinese food to social media with just a few clicks.

LAD’s human-friendly GUI gives users more control over their security and privacy, with no command-line syntax needed. It further provides comprehensive network monitoring and automatic reporting, both network-wide and down to the level of individual devices, without sacrificing performance, security or privacy. Built-in GPS-derived time provides timestamp accuracy of 1/1,000,000 second and secure network time server capabilities, while time-of-day and day-of-week scheduling lets the user incorporate further nuance into their network’s and computers’ accessibility (or inaccessibility, as the case may be).


Originally conceived as a scaled-down version of IPCopper’s commercial-grade USC8032 platform, LateralAccessDevice is now provided as a downloadable software module that the user installs and runs on their own hardware. The compact and efficient software delivers tremendous performance, even on computers with processors as low-powered as Intel’s J-1900, giving professional results in any networking environment, whether in the home, at the office or on a corporate campus.

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