LifeSize, Redington form partnership

DQC Bureau
New Update

LifeSize Communications announced their partnership agreement with Redington

India to address the rapidly growing demand of high definition video

conferencing in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and Maldives.

Under the LifeSize channel partner program, Redington will market, sell and

support LifeSize HD video communication systems in the above mentioned regions.

Redington was selected to be a part of the LifeSize channel partner program

based on their extensive experience and knowledge of the video communications

market, as well as their ability to provide exceptional customer service and


"Redington brings the expertise and the infrastructure necessary for LifeSize

to grow our channel partner base in India," said William Yu, Regional

Director-Asia Pacific, LifeSize. "We realize the tremendous value our partners

bring to LifeSize and we are absolutely committed to providing them with a fully

encompassing channel program that supports their efforts and contributes to

their ultimate success. We are looking forward to working with Redington to

bring our exciting technology to new customers, allowing them do more while

traveling less," he added.