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Vipul-Dutta-copyVipul Datta, CEO of Futuresoft Solutions says, “FutureSoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. [FSPL] has been proactive in adopting social media platforms namely LinkedIn, Facebook, Online and Offline Press Release, EDM, Bulk emailing solution, Newsletters to name a few. Social media has generated tremendous online exposure for our organization; more insights are brought by displaying them to outside world”.


Pros Of Social Media promotions

Vipul added, “Indeed, it is a fact that social media has been used not only by big businesses, however is widely used by small businesses, as it provides cost effective marketing tools for all business segments.

  • FSPL uses social media to increase our website traffic and linking with search engines to notice more.
  • Social media is free of cost, which is most encouraging part for any organization to start using such platforms. We invest time& effort in performing various activities on LinkedIn, FB, etc., This way we can easily see whether social media provides us with a return on the investment of our time or not.
  • We manage FSPL’s reputation well through social media; many businesses are afraid to put their name into world of social media. Rather than looking at it as a threat, FSPL works on it as an advantage and tackles bad perceptions created by outside world.
  • Social media allows us to nurture leads and we can educate customers about issues surrounding our industry. It can be shared through articles, Blogs, videos etc”.

Business growth via Social media

“Definitely yes, Social Media has been most important milestone that we have covered within FSPL, as contacting our potential customers has become easier and fruitful. Besides this, we have noticed followership and interaction has increased on FSPL official pages and audience is keener to stay updated on our new initiatives and updates”.

First start on social media

“We initially launched FSPL Facebook page to bring excitement, and awareness of various activities done for FSPL employees. Very soon, we noticed wide acceptance, interaction, and happiness by employees and their groups”.

Social Media for Sales Empowerment

“Social media is widely used for sales empowerment. We generate leads through all the major social networking sites. This helps us to attract more customers, who we can dazzle by providing a personal touch, building relationships and driving loyalty. We also get references by word of mouth through such platforms. Social media helps us to listen to what audience is saying, including our customers, prospects, peers and competitors”.

Online timetable

“We are proactively working on social media platforms during business hours and on free time too. Our main marketing work resolves around social media, we work daily on different activities related to products, posts, various festivals, good learning and motivational posts, promotional offers on these sites”.

Accounts on Social media

“We have accounts on LinkedIn and Facebook currently. Our key initiative in FY2017-18 towards social media would be launch of Twitter and Youtube”.

Preferred platform to reach customers


Platform for personal usage

LinkedIn, Facebook.

Followers & friends on social media

“From business perspective, FSPL would be having more than 2 lacs followers, groups and friend lists on all social media sites”.

Business growth via social media

“We have observed followership and Page likes, Group-joiningrequests have increased on all social media sites we work on. This leads to more comments, Likes and Shares from individuals and employees. In numeric term, we have analyzed around 35-40% business enquiries and leads come from this social media world”.

SI’s using Social Media

“From FSPL standpoint, social media is not happily welcomed by SI’s, hence not effectively and accepted well too. Reason is very simple. Social media is part of an ongoing investment, not just a one-off that magically continues. Content needs to be framed, designed, well placed, and then engagement needs to be carried to reach to our desired results and SI earns some value and revenue out of such initiatives. As marketing and social media is not seen as core element to the SI business, each individuals cost and material cost needs to be thought about, which seems to be a challenge.

On the other side, some well-established and progressive SI’s, take it as an opportunity to take the lead in creating a community, engaging potential end users, being thought leaders in their niche area and soliciting feedback from their community for improvement”.

Future of social media

“Social media world is changing and getting adapted well. There is no looking back on this. Sooner, social media will be most important initiatives run by all businesses in coming years”.








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