Likom monitors now in India

Delhi-based Mangal Electronics has recently entered into an alliance with
Ceemax Technology to distribute their Likom brand of monitors in the country.
Apart from offering a greater viewable area than other brands, the products are
priced as much as 20 percent lower than the MNC brands.

Mangal wants to present the bigger viewable area as the USP of the monitors.
"This feature makes a lot of sense to the likes of designers and other
application-driven users," says Gaurav Jajodia, CEO, Mangal Electronics.

Mangal Electronics has spent the last few months in ensuring that the product
is available throughout the country. "We have ensured that the product is
available across all major towns to begin with," says Mangal. Company
officials claim that three-fourths of the first load has been already sold out
and next shipment of monitors is expected in September.

costs 20 percent lower than MNC brands


To ensure proper support for the product, Mangal has adequately trained all
partners stocking and selling Likom. Since the monitor works on a single-board
technology, partners are stocking the main circuitry boards for replacement.
"In case of complaints, the entire board will be replaced and not repaired
unlike other brands," says Mangal.

Mangal Electronics is also looking at importing 15 inch TFT LCD monitors from
Likom soon. "The LCD line of products will start coming in within the next
two months," adds Mangal.


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