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Linksys, a division of Cisco Systems will launch a host of products in April.

It will launch the Wireless-G router - WRT54GX with Speed and Range eXpansion (SRX)

technology and Push Button Security to increase the use of wireless security

amongst wireless router users.


The wireless router is based on the Multiple Input, Multiple Output (MIMO)

technology and claims to be 75% better than the wireless-G router. Known to

target the SOHO segment, the new products are meant for the same user group. The

router is for small business groups who want to deploy fewer access points and

get better coverage. It is also meant for customers looking for improved speed

and range in their wireless network. A unique aspect of the SRX is that the

farther one moves from the router, the better the machine works as compared to a

wireless-G network.


To launch products that enhance features of wireless products in April, targeted at the SOHO segment

The Push Button Security simplifies setup, thus increasing the adoption of

wireless security. With the push of a button, it will automatically assign

Service Set Identifier (SSID) and security code to the router and adapter.


Sanjeev Gupta, Regional Sales Director, Asia Pacific said that more wireless

products are being introduced as its business opportunity in India is growing

very fast, mainly because of reduced rates in broadband. Since it does not

interact with customers directly, it has a marketing strategy to target the end

users. "Tech Pacific and Ingram Micro being our national distributors will

take these new products to customers," said Sanjeev. It plans to appoint

sub-distys also. These products will be sold not only in metros but upcountry

markets as well, where broadband is now gaining ground.

Channel partners are given demonstrations of the new products to address the

end-users in a more effective way. "Apart from training sessions, which

will also give them a hands-on experience with the products, they will also be

given rebates to encourage them," he informed.

Adil Doctor, the newly appointed Sales Manager at Linksys said that it plans

to inform customers of the new products through advertising, road shows and