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Since then he has donned

various mantles, from monitoring the supply chain to fielding questions in the

public affairs department. He now hopes to continue his successful streak in

India at a time when Samsung needs strong leadership.


With a cheerful person ality that never leaves a chance to smile, Harry S Ahn

calls himself a people's man. And surprisingly, he did not get into Samsung on

his own. Instead, it was at his parent's urging that he joined the

conglomerate in 1987, after he graduated from the Hongik University in Seoul.

Harry still remembers how he wanted to be a teacher and almost became one.

But his mother wanted him to take up a career in the entertainment industry. But

considering that he now hold the top slot position in Samsung India, he is now

grateful for the career decision he took almost two decades ago.

Harry started his career with the company in the public affairs department.

"I was responsible for giving an introduction of the company to VIPs based

overseas. The idea was to introduce Samsung in an impressive way to the outside

world, which I found pretty challenging," he adds.


Harry Ahn
Team Leader, IT Products, 

Samsung India Electronics
“Hindi movies have always been close to my heart and that's how I made my first connection with India. I still remember a song from the movie 'Haathi Mere Saathi', which I watched as a kid.”

But soon he wanted to do more than sell the company's image; he wanted to

do sell its products. He was transferred to the display division in 1988 outside

Korea to sell monitors. "As part of this job, I dealt with OEM brands like

IBM and AT&T. Thereafter, I started focusing on Latin American markets like

Argentina, Paraguay, Mexico and Uruguay," he remarks.

This position gave an impetus to his fondness for seeing new locales, a love

affair that has continued till date and one that he nourishes by taking frequent

trips even within India. His wife and two daughters share this passion and

though the family lives in Delhi, they accompany him on frequent jaunts in and

around the city.


To UK and back

Harry's first sojourn outside his motherland, Korea, was in 1995 when he

established Samsung's supply chain factory at Middleborough in the UK. After

putting the plant in place during three years, he then moved to Scotland to

handle production planning and local sales of monitors in the region.

Harry returned to Korea in 2000, where he was entrusted with the management

of the supply chain logistics. Coming back to his home country, was a memorable

occasion for him. All the more so, because he was elevated to the position of

manager for global operations of the company's supply chain management, no

mean feat, give its spread across several continents.

Talking about his experiences in the UK, Harry recalls how his stint in the

English locales made him passionate about fitness. While in Scotland, Harry

became increasingly aware of his physique, as he was overweight by 20 kilograms.


He decided to tackle this problem head-on and enrolled into a gym and changed

his diet to shed the extra kilos. And what began as a weight-loss plan, has

evolved into a lifestyle for Harry. "On an average, even today, I spend

nearly two hours in the gymnasium on a daily basis," he quips.

Stop worrying and start living

When Harry was in high school, he picked up Dale Carnegie's bestseller 'How

To Stop Worrying And Start Living'. This book gave him a solid foundation on

which he built the ramparts of his life and a vision to do everything with

passion. "This book has given me a lot of inspiration and I must have read

it at least more than 20 times or so," he says.

Harry is not a workaholic and is proud of it. He believes in enjoying life to

the fullest and this is possible only if one gets involved in all aspects of

life. When not working, he relaxes by listening to good music.


Being a Korean has not deterred him to become an avid fan of Hindi movies. He

loves the way Amitabh Bachchan acts and was more than amazed to see his Indian

icon's statue at Madame Tussauds, London famous wax museum.




Graduated with majors in education from Hongik University in Seoul


Unwavering belief in self and a cheerful disposition that helps in taking things in his stride


Traveling to exotic destinations, watching Bollywood movies and working out in a gym

India was one destination that Harry always wanted to visit, even when he was

a small child. A self-admitted Bollywood buff, the first Hindi movie he saw was

'Haathi Mere Saathi'. This got him thinking about the cultural diversity

between the two nations and people in general.

"Indian movies have always been close to my heart and that's how I

made my first connection with India. I still remember an old song from 'Hathi

Mere Saathi', which I watched with my family as a kid," he recollects. In

his pastime, he prefers going to the gym, catch up on Hindi movies and play

golf. But he is also religious and makes it a point to attend the sermons in

Church every Sunday.

Harry's dream is to explore the diversity of the country by traveling to as

many cities as possible. With his focus towards life, people and work, Harry

wants to take life as it comes. "I am an ambitious person. I always make

sure that my colleagues are successful, even if they leave the company," he

explains. For him, life is not about achieving awards and recognition, but about

making friends, wherever he goes.