Logitech debuts new power optical duo

DQC Bureau
New Update

Logitech launched the new Power Optical Duo–a combination of its Cordless Optical mouse and Power Keyboard with built-in RF receiver.


Easy to set-up, the Power Keyboard gives users a series of buttons providing one-touch access to tasks and applications, like Windows Explorer or a browser. It also features a detachable palm rest.

The Cordless Optical mouse is designed for either right or left hand use. The optical technology ensures that there is no sticking, while providing precise tracking, greater durability and less maintenance. The mouse can be used on a wider variety of surfaces and since it has no ball, no cleaning is required. 

Also, with power management capabilities and a custom optical sensor, the mouse alternates between sleep and awake modes. When in use, it’s full-run mode.

The products comes at a price of Rs 2,950 and with a two-year warranty.

Contact: Kavita Nath, Marcom Manager,Logitech Far East Ltd, India Liaison Office.

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