‘Do what you love and you will feel more fulfilled’

Sunil Kukreja, owner of Kukreja Electronics and executive committee member of AIT did not want to follow his family business traditions and so in the year 1988 he started Kukreja Electronics and his business is growing and touching new heights

Why he started?

Sunil Kukreja did his B.com from KKM College in Maharashtra and later came down to Bangalore as he wanted to start his own business and to that he said “My family was into financial business but I did not want to move to the same profession. As a result at that time I saw IT was booming and I started liking computers and ita functions so I started Kukreja Electronics meanwhile I disliked finance as it was like bank timing work while IT is always on the go and it makes me busy and excited. I am happy today with my decision and I never regret.” Even though in the beginning he had some difficulties as he was unaware of this business and no one in his family knew about it. Then his cousin joined him and did research about the market and helped him to understand and after that there was no looking back.

Brands Products and Awards

Kukreja is in this business sinnce many years and every year competition is increasing, day by day things are getting tough and to that he said, “I believe in fair competition and consider in building a great channel that are authorized, proper distributor and focus on proper business and most important not to use grey market.” The brands and products that his business looks after are ‘HP, Samsung, Epson, Canon, and Xerox- Ink and Toner Cartridges, HP, Fuji, IBM and Sony Data cartridges, Lipi and Epson Ribbon Cartridges Fuji Storage Medias, D-Link, Linksys, Belkin, Net Gear WIFI Products and View Sonic and Dell Monitors. They also deals in Networking products like Seagate, Iomega and Western Digital Hard Disk, USB Products, Mobile and Mobile Accessories, Dell, HP, Sony and ACER Laptops, Transcend and Kingston Pen Drives and Memories, Computer Speakers: Creative, Logitech and Altec lansing, Headphones with MIC, WEB Cameras, UPS,CD R, DVD R and Floppies, Logitech, Microsoft, Laptop Batteries & Adaptors, Spike Busters, View Sonic Projectors, Graphic Cards NVIDIA and ATI, Computer Consumables and Accessories Hardware Tools. They also deal in software’s, routers like Linksys & Net Gear Routers, Antiglare & Privacy Screens, Lexmark Products, Converters, DVD Writers, Cabinets, SMPS and Modems.” With so many products he has not only gained for his business but also won many awards and made a mark in IT world. The awards that he has won are reseller award regional and national for the year 2004-2005 then again won the Philips monitors excellence award in all the category of monitors for the year 2004-05, then in the year 2006 they have also won the silver award for the best sub-distributor.

Family Support and Hobbies

Sunil Kukreja believes that his family is the greatest strength and support. Be it parents, cousins or his children he was always fortunate when it comes to his family. “I am very lucky as my family stood constantly by my side, even after I choose a different career option; leaving the age old family business still they never opposed but encouraged me. Now my wife is my greatest strength as she is with me in thick and thin. My two kids also making me proud as my son (eldest) is working in Netherlands and daughter is doing BBM who is also good in studies. I will never force them to do things but will guide them to do what they like,” added Sunil Kukreja. In his free time Kukreja likes to spend time with his family but if you don’t find him there then you need to know that he loves outdoor games and he was an interstate badminton player which he even practices now and along with that he has started a school in Bangalore.

Advice to young entrepreneurs

Sunil Kukreja who is in this self-made business from long said to the upcoming entrepreneur, “When you start a business you need to be clear with your occupation and no business can run without customers so once you are clear with your products and services you can make other understand.” Later he added, “Be free with what you think and now you all are lucky as you get the opportunity to learn so much before coming. So, do research about the work and love what you do.”

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