MAIA creates business intelligence courses with SASTA

DQC Bureau
New Update


June 3, 2008


MAIA Intelligence will work with Bangalore-based SAASTHA Infotech, a training

institute, to have education models focused on business intelligence (BI) tools.

SAASTHA has 14 centers in the country and is creating a certification program,

which is not limited to MAIA's offerings alone.

There is a reason why MAIA is working with SAASTHA as opposed to

well-established names like NIIT and Aptech in the training business. Said

Sanjay Mehta, CEO, MAIA Intelligence, “Big institutes want big price tickets

courses that are more prevalent in the market with better uptake. This is why BI

courses will work best with smaller institutes, similar to the ones that offer


Besides the SAASTHA initiative, MAIA offers focused training programs every

month, which is spread across two days and is aimed at empowering partners who

are considering getting into BI as business vertical. At these MAIA driven

sessions, besides sharing knowledge on deployment of BI tools, partners are also

given some business domain knowledge.


Mehta added, “The reason we offer business knowledge in addition to the

technical aspects of our solutions is simple. If a partner has to deploy BI

tools then he needs to understand the business practices employed by prospective

clients and build the BI applications around it.”

Currently MAIA has 14 partners who are focused on tapping the SMB space and

it is looking at expanding this base. It wants to work with smaller solution

providers who are content working with deployments around Rs 25 lakh each.

“The bigger solution providers want to work with organizations that have

1000 users and where the minimum project value would be around Rs 50 lakh. Since

BI is still in its inception in India, it does not make sense for us to work

with these kind of partners,” Mehta explained.


According to a Frost and Sullivan official, the BI market was projected to be

around $70 million in 2007, up from $47 million in 2005. Dun & Bradstreet

pegs the global BI market to be around $5.7 billion, while the Indian potential

is likely to be Rs 1,200 crore.

Gartner has said that India is the fastest growing BI platforms market in

Asia (including Japan), posting a growth of 35.6 percent in 2005-06. BI

platforms revenues in India grew from $12.1 million in 2005 to reach $ 16.4

million in 2006. In APAC (including Japan), the BI platforms market grew at 16

percent in 2005 to reach $491.8 million in 2006, with Japan accounting for more

than half the overall market.

Since India is currently in the implementation wave of business applications

platforms like ERP, CRM and supply chain management (SCM), the demand for BI

platforms will continue to rise. The BI market in India has tremendous

potential, with growth expected to be over 35 percent.