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He has several

plans for the association and wants to make members more proactive to allow more

scope for interaction.


In a world where malpractices, bribes, flaunting political clout are the call

of the day, there is one man who believes in honesty, value of hard work,

dedication and determination. It is because of these qualities that VK Bhandari

was elected President of the Computer Association of Eastern India (COMPASS) for

the third time.

"I was not at all prepared to take this responsibility as I remain very

busy with my business. But there was no one else to take the charge. Moreover,

the trust and confidence that the members have and their joint request has made

me finally accept this," said Bhandari.

Aiming for bull's eye

The new President has set certain targets that he wants to achieve for the

association during his tenure. He plans to publish one internal newsletter of

COMPASS for the last four years. And this time he wants to turn this to reality.


VK Bhandari 
President, Compass 
“My secret aspiration is to become a journalist, so I can delve into the lives of people from different social backgrounds, like commercial sex-workers and find out why they take up this profession”

Organizing seminars on different and upcoming issues, holding training

sessions for the members, arranging social get-togethers and picnics for the

members are few to mention.

"I would like to conduct activities through out the year to involve

members and help the group interact more frequently," explains Bhandari.

"This will help to maintain the glory and unity of the association, which

is very important," he adds.


His other plan includes organizing the COMPASS exhibition. The association is

also involved with some social activities, like helping social groups or NGOs

that work for poor or deaf students, to set up computer learning centers by

donating PCs and related supports. Bhandari hopes to open yet another such


Humility personified

Bhandari manages his duties as COMPASS President and as MD and Chairman of
Supertron Electronics quite smoothly. He took his first steps in the

professional world at Sujata Electronics. Later, he had a humble beginning as

Proprietor of Supermatic Computers with just four employees in one office. It

later metamorphosed to Supertron Electronics that now has 16 branches all over

the eastern region.

When Bhandari is not in office, he is a person who prefers spending quality

time with his family by either checking out the latest movies that have hit the

big screen or even going shopping with them. When it comes to movies, he simply

adores the big B, Shah Rukh Khan and Madhuri Dixit.




Science Graduate from the University of Rajasthan


Donning dual mantles as COMPASS President and Chairman of Supertron Electronics gracefully


Watching TV and socializing with his family members

At home, he catches up on political and international news and enjoys

watching one-day cricket matches. Another thing he loves is eating Chinese food

and would be one of the first ones to check out any new joint that has opened in

the city.

Apart from his personal interests, he engages himself in social activities

too and is a part of the Lions club. Along with his family, Bhandari goes to the

poor and needy to offer help to them.

One of his secret aspirations is to be a journalist, which will give him a

chance to delve deeper into the lives of those with a slightly different social

background like commercial sex-workers and finding out the reasons that forced

them to take up this profession.