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Are There any Make in India IT Products for Us to Use?

Make in India  is not a new concept, as we have mentioned earlier. This government has revitalised this more than a century old idea.   For the IT sector, it has become more important   after lockdown, as the channel community faced a lot of problems during lockdown and even after it. This is because most of the products are coming from abroad, which got stalled because of closure of factories in China and shutting down  of supply chain and restriction on the movements in India. Hence, DQ Channels began a discussion with the channel community to understand their predisposition  towards the concept of Make in India, to which they responded in great agreement. Now the question is, are there any IT products which are  manufactured in India and hence, they can fill the void of imported IT products  if at all we move away from depending upon the imported IT hardware?

A question was fielded to the  partners community and it emerged from their responses that they were in fact, not only involved in selling  the multinational companies’ products, but were also manufacturing their own products and their products are often praised for good quality. These products are not only in the category of hardware, but also in the form of software and solutions. Following are some partners’ responses about Make in India products –

Make in IndiaAarushi ProDot
ProDot brand, under the exclusive ownership of Datalink Industrial Corporation, a 30 year old company, is truly a ‘Make in India’ company and is committed to the nation with its manufacturing house at Dehradun, Uttarakhand in a total area of 50,000 sq ft. We have a PAN India network of 10,000+ dealers selling over more than 10 million products per annum. We have a diversified product portfolio comprising compatible laser cartridges, ribbons, keyboard, mouse, antivirus products, surge protectors, refilling aids, laptop adapters, CCTV cables, USB Hubs etc.
Aarushi Rajp[al, Director, ProDot
Make in IndiaManoj Khanna Compucover East
We at Compucover are making  Keyskin brand keybaord protectors as Make in India and we started this in joint venture with Compucover cover Inc. USA. We are making world class products and export them too. Even Compucover USA admits our products are superior in quality as compare to theirs
Keyskin was launched in 1993-1994 and DQ was the first magazine who reviewed this product and helped us to reach our customers Pam  India.
Manoj Khanna, Director,   Compucover East
Make in IndiaNalin Patel AIT Bangalore
What is said in Video by Mr Sonam Wangchuk is 100% correct. We need to ensure we should avoid use of Chinese products as much as possible. Even we need to pay higher price for the products which is made by other than China we should go for that. If we all educated people start Boycotting Chinese products it will bring down substantially our import bill.
Some people are arguing that what about the products which have no alternative. And particularly computer products. Yes whichever products we don’t find alternative we need to use the same but we can minimise the usage and increase our own indigenous production.   Once we start encouraging our local products, I am sure our industrialist will start putting extensive efforts for other products also.
In short, a beginning is must.
Nalin Patel, Former President, AIT, Bangalore & Founder, FITDAK, Karnataka
Make in IndiaAlok Gupta Unistal
Our antivirus products are getting bundled with OEMs like HP and Acer and also available through Dell Exclusive and HP Stores.
Alok Gupta , MD, Unistal
Make in IndiaSujit Narula Atlanta Systems
Atlanta Systems is the first Indian company to start manufacturing vehicle tracking devices in India and is the largest Indian manufacture having complete product range with in-house developed tracking  platform. The other flagship product is GPS based taxi meter, which people might have seen installed in taxis in NCR (including Uber, Ola). Atlanta is currently exporting to more than 25 countries around the world, competing with products from Europe and China. Atlanta can also be remembered by many as the India’s largest STD/ PCO and coin box phone manufacturer.

Sujit Narula, President, Atlanta Systems


BPE UPS initially were imported.   Gradually they re-engineered and now   they are  manufacturing with complete  Indian  technology and research . *They have a large Indian team., From PCB to cabinet, at their factory in Noida. Also a New factory is  coming up in Orissa.
Pan India service network has been established . The products are  very economically designed; and they have all Indian and  international certifications and BIS, CE etc, Not only that, but they even export the UPS to Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia and are  also doing large projects with datacentres and government and smart city projects. They  have even provided backup for the  CCTV cameras installed by the  Delhi Govt and over  60000 cameras are  supported by BPE UPS.
Vivek  Gugnani, Director,  Sparsinfotech

We should inculcate the Habit of buying Indian Products, even if the rates are higher . The main reason we had lost in the Trade war was because China exports cheap. Take the example of UPS / Inverter. We had good companies but later, they also started importing and labeling Indian brand names . We have to curb the imports from China. Do the government have guts to do that ? Powerful industrial lobby is there in Delhi, who can control policies. Can we raise the voice for an import control at this point ?

Toshi a Partner from Cochin

While Micromax is well known as a 100% manufacturer of an entire range of Make in India smartphones, 2G mobiles, computers and tablets, there are also other manufacturers who are making forays into this domain of Make in India. The government of India should help them by making policies which encourage indigenous manufacturing. The Make in India would be fruitful only if the indigenous manufacturing are given an impetus.


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