Make in India Brand Offers 5 Years Onsite Warranty

Make in India Brand Offers 5 Years Onsite Warranty for after-sales service support to its clients especially in the government

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The Hyderabad based Indian computing devices maker RDP Workstations has announced that its products will henceforth carry a 5-years onsite warranty. 


Rajesh Mallampalli, Vice President Sales RDP said, “Initially, when we launched our products, RDP’s authorised partners were providing warranty on their own by not considering RDP actual onsite warranty charges in the process of winning the bids. This concern was raised by all our partners in regular monthly partners meet programmes and we took their feedbacks and worked very hard on improving our after-sales ticketing systems, support SLAs, measuring quality and quantity of the support calls and feedback mechanism to improve the customer experience with NPS- Net Promoter Score, CSAT- Customer Satisfaction/DSAT- Customer Dissatisfaction and finally, we have announced 5 years On-site warranty for all our products by default.”

He added that the chain of communication that has been built will be foolproof. Mallampalli said that RDP would be a Make in India brand to implement this kind of after sales support for government contracts. RDP realised that there is always a question mark in the minds of the end customers about the after-sales support capability of the Make in India brands.

“We at RDP are keen to see that the Make in India customers do not harbour such apprehensions. RDP will also offer the best extended warranty packs. In this area we are trying to match the industry leaders,” he added.

"With our new after sales support initiatives and more focus on on-time delivery, we believe in achieving our company's milestones,” Mallampalli said. 

Founded in 2012 by a young entrepreneur Vikram Redlapalli, with a dream of making low-cost computing a reality; RDP, during the last decade has become a promising brand with clients across the world. 

In a short span the company has also won over one million users, 3,500 partners, 35,000 clients and more than 250 active retailers for its range of products that includes desktops, laptops, and tablets, thin clients both for personal and business use.

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