Make in India

Make in India Impact on Feature Phone

Make in India – the Swadeshi movement led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi was an initiative to transform India into a global design and manufacturing hub. It covers 25 sectors of the Indian economy.

The Make in India campaign was launched in September 2014. After almost 4 years, we are here discussing its impact on the mobile phone market. And according to the reports and researches, this one sector – mobile phone/ feature phone has grown tremendously.

Many popular smartphone brands have invested in creating a manufacturing hub in the country. Industry giants such as Samsung, Lava and Oppo assembled their phone in India.

Make in India initiative has boosted the quality of phones made in India and reduced the failure rate to half as compared to phones made in China. This was possible due to the high- quality process control at the Lava India factory. Secondly, it has reduced the manufacturing costs and the benefit of reduced manufacturing costs was passed on to the consumers. Thus, “Make in India” has helped strengthen the brand promise of making valuable technologies accessible, said Gaurav Nigam, Senior VP, Product Head, Lava International.

Strengthening the argument, a spokesperson from Detel added that the ‘Make in India’ initiative by the government of India has brought a wave of growth and opportunities in the local feature phones market in the country. Spurred by the call to ‘Make in India’, most Indian mobile phone manufacturers, who made most of their phones in other countries, as well as the multinational rivals who sell their phones in India, have started moving their assembly & manufacturing lines to India.

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