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Working together since 1993, Delhi-based Vasudev Pardasani and Ravish Notaney are not just amiable colleagues, but good friends as well. Seeing the potential of IT business, the two decided to quit their jobs in 1996 and seek their fortunes in the hardware business. The next couple of years were spent in trading without a fixed location. 

When trading did not yeild right results, the duo decided to concentrate on a niche segment — retailing. This was a conscious decision arrived at after much thought and a fairly good understanding of the market that the two had managed to gather. 

“We were confident that an effort in this direction would prove to be successful,” says Vasudev. This confidence stemmed from the sound technological understanding Ravish had and the marketing skills of Vasudev. With their combined skill sets, they were sure that in no time they would mark their presence in Delhi’s retailing market.

Well begun is half done

The two years spent in trading was a period when the duo instilled a sense of trust in the customers. And after starting their retail business they furthered this trust among their corporate buyers. 

“The retail platform helped us to show customers our service commitment and customer orientation,” says Vasudev. He reminisces how a number of his corporate customers purchased machines for their offices after buying a home PC from Pardasani and Associates. 

The company has grown ten-fold from a five-machines-a-month outfit to a 50-machines-a-month retailer. In the course of this journey, the promoters have collected a number of awards along the way. One of them was from Intel for the retail aesthetics of the showroom and another from HCL as the number one HCL Store for the past two years in running. 

“HCL has been the biggest contributor to our growth,” says Vasudev. “Their support to us is unparalleled,” he adds. 

Serve thy customer well

HCL’s retail strategy gets several accolades from their star reseller. “The Grand Computer Carnival or GCC has given us immense reach, helping us make sales in areas where we are not physically present,” says Vasudev. HCL’s philosophy that if the customer does not come to you, go to him, is staunchly supported by one and all at Pardasani and Associates. 

So heavy is their customer orientation that Vasudev’s wife, also does not hesitate to help close a deal and keep the customer totally comfortable once he/she is in their premises. 

To encash the service and support opportunity, Pardasani and Associates have added a skilled technical staff and are now in the business of service and support too. “We have formed a new company to focus on support”, says Ravish. 

Dreams and growth: Hand in hand

Vasudev and Ravish are of the firm belief that vision adds vigor to their dreams. Their business foresight is yeilding results. The last week of July saw their second retail outlet come up in West Delhi. 

“We are planning to have a chain of retail stores covering the entire geography of Delhi first and then venture out,” says Ravish. Although the time span to cover Delhi is not certain, work on this project is already underway. 

The company today has a staff strength of nearly 18 people, including eight engineers. Its turnover stood at Rs 1.5 crore in 1999 and rose to Rs 2.28 crore in 2000. The year 2001 closed at nearly Rs 3 crore. “Our target for 2002 has been set at Rs 6 crore”, says Ravish. 

And ask this zealous worker what are his mantras for his success and he retorts without batting an eyelid, “Sincerity, hardwork and a zest to grow.”

Mohit Chabbra in New Delhi

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