MAQ Software seeks partners for its cost-cutting solutions

DQC Bureau
New Update

US-based MAQ Software has come up with software to help customers cut cost and increase efficiency. Called ISO Quick

Start, Bug Studio and Marketing Q, these three solutions are designed to address specific needs of different



"We have achieved great success with our products in the USA market, and believes that our products holds great potentials

in the Indian market as well," says Vikram Kumar, Director.

The company is now looking for suitable partners, who can sell these cost-cutting solutions in the Indian market. 

ISO Quick Start is targeted at those companies aspiring for ISO or CMM certification. Bug Studio is a defect-tracking tool

targeted at software consulting houses. Marketing Q is like an ERP for the marketing departments

of any corporate houses.


"All these products require very little time to implement as they are web-based solutions and does not require any physical

presence of the engineer at the customer's place," says Vikram. 

MAQ has been specializing in offshore software development, with a large chunk of their business coming from software

services, especially from its expertise in the field of code reviewing. 

According to Vikram, the last one year has seen many organizations in Indian going online. "Customers in India now want to buy products that will help

increase their productivity. This is exactly why we are seriously pitching our products in the Indian market. Our web-based solutions are proved to

improve clients' efficiency, profitability and cut cost," says Vikram. 

MAQ is also a development partner for Microsoft and have followed stringent quality process for developing all its products. All its applications are

developed on the .NET, XML Web Services, and Visual Studio platforms.