Maveric Systems and Balance Hero Help Employees in 2nd Corona Wave

Maveric Systems and Balance Hero India Help Employees in 2nd Corona Wave to help them with medicines, awareness campaign, vaccination and other facilities

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True Balance, a RBI licensed lending platform, has created a COVID Relief Fund for their employees during the Corona outbreak. They have supported the employees with testing kits, medical supply, oxygen cylinders support in addition to covering costs of RT=PCR tests of the employees. The company has imported oxygen concentrators from Korea to provide support for the employees in need. This was at the time when millions of people were struggling to access oxygen cylinders in the nation’s capital.


Speaking of the initiative Victor Choi, CEO, Balance Hero India said, “As a company we have always kept our employees’ well being at the core of our decision making. While we might be small, it has not deterred us from rising above the problems we were facing. We have also managed to procure vaccinations for all our employees & their family, since we realised, they were finding it very hard obtain the same. Taking care of one's employees is the first step, towards building a successful business. If there is no team to enjoy the success with, it is not of importance. People are the core strength of our organisation.”

At the same time, Maveric Systems has ramped up its various initiatives that include organising the Corona awareness workshops conducted by medical professionals, providing access to online medical healthcare consulting to not only address the Corona-related issues, but also to address the emotional well being concerns of the associates and their families across the globe.

Further, loans to cover the emergency expenses with easy repayment terms and appropriate leave policies to cover the Corona eventualities have been put in place. VN Mahesh, COO, Maveric Systems said, “We have also developed a global healthcare assessment dashboard to track and monitor the well being of all our associates and their families. These are unprecedent times and it is imperative that we give the health and mental well being of our employees of utmost priority.”

Many IT businesses have engaged in helping their employees during Corona outbreak.

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